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From Eurogamer: "Battlefield 5 is a mess. It's the glitchiest, most technically troubled DICE's sandbox multiplayer has been since the infamous launch of Battlefield 4, and even the launch itself is all over the place. Here's a game that's not out for paying punters until later this month. Or it's out today, if you're willing to pay a little bit more. Or, if you'd rather not pay for the whole thing, it's been out for a week for EA Access subscribers. Or maybe a bit over a week, if you're an EA Access Premier subscriber. Of course."

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DarkVoyager2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

“Battlefield 5 is a mess. It's the glitchiest, most technically troubled DICE's sandbox multiplayer has been since the infamous launch of Battlefield 4, and even the launch itself is all over the place.”

Doesn’t surprise me. It’s time to try something new. Battlefield needs to take a break.

TKCMuzzer2048d ago

There is more from that article that is way more positive.................that& #39;s if people can be bothered to read it.

Inzo2048d ago

I read the article and its a mix. I didnt see a score but I reckon from what I have read they would probably give it about a 7.5/10.

Skull5212048d ago

Even with its issues it still appears to be better than CoD WWII

UltraNova2047d ago

What a frickin shame...BF1 was excellent game through and through must have spend upwards of 400hrs on it...now BFV had the chance to be the best WW2 game ever bit instead its looking like a sinking ship. Damn.


Funny how life is, I remember not long ago few years back that battlefield was touted as the “CoD Killer” and there was an anti CoD campaign on almost all blog with people saying only kids play CoD. Now Blackops4 is out and people can’t stop praising how fun the multiplayer is, espically the classic team deathmatch 6v6. And now Battlefield is having a hard time holding its own. Just goes to show you people will always move towards what is “fun” in the gaming world. For all the destructions and vehicles in BF they can’t still seem to eat into CoD market hold on the FPS gener.

jordan22290ps2048d ago

There's always an anti COD campaign. There was one this year too. I play both and could care less what other gamers think of them bc they're so love or hate with both that you can't trust fellow gamers with honest opinions. This year's COD was torn up bc no singleplayer with review bombs and gamers swearing it off for good(just like every year) and this years BF was sworn off long ago bc it has chicks and unrealistic cosmetic items for multiplayer. Point being, there's always something to complain about to push the ppl one way one year and another the next.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence2048d ago

The grim reaper himself hasn't even found a way to finally kill off CoD

annoyedgamer2048d ago

WW3. Made by small studio in Poland. Based on BF4.

zodiac9092048d ago

It's EA they won't allow a break, they will just run Dice into the ground, just like so many other beloved developers, then shut them down.

Baza2048d ago

Sad and true. This game is going to serverely underperform and there’s going to be big layoffs.

frostypants2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

And at least BF4 was fun. BF5's fundamental gameplay just sucks. It doesn't feel like any thought was put into it. The classes feel generic and the map design, at least for the ones they shared in the beta, is awful to the point of feeling fan-made. On top of that the visuals are muddy to the point that a you can lie on the ground literally 5 feet from the enemy team and they won't notice you. BF1 legit feels like the more modern game.

moomoo3192048d ago

You really quoted the intro above the article link 😂😂

OnlyThoseOnTheFence2048d ago

Honestly I'm surprised all the glitches were even included at launch. Most of the content isn't.

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Gazondaily2048d ago

Damn! Still suffering from bugs after all the shit that besieged BF3? Not acceptable

TKCMuzzer2048d ago

Its because they do a lot more than other FPS's. This in turn causes more issues, of course if they did't, people would then moan they were not adding new features.

Gazondaily2048d ago

Still not a justification for the game being technically challenged though.

T2X2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Exactly, I feel like I read the same stupid obvious revelations every time a new BF game launches. It will end up being great after a few updates I'm sure, just like all the rest. Its still the best at what it does.

Hungryalpaca2048d ago

No they don’t. Most of BFV is recycled from BF1. They don’t do more. The maps are just larger. That’s literally it.

Dragonscale2048d ago

Excuses excuses. Charging full price for an incomplete mess is inexcusable tbh.

rainslacker2047d ago

If they can't release the game and have it work properly, then they need to scale back the scope of a game. Doesn't matter how much a game does. If it doesn't work right, then it's not working right.

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iistuii2048d ago

I've had a couple of mines floating on 2 occasions & a body flipping out that was just killed, its nowhere near as bad as people are making out. Im on PC & have had a blast from day 1. Now I'm an adult here, if it was playing up id say it, there's no need for me to defend any game especially an EA game, but its great my end,no lag, no delays getting in, runs like a dream, but not on DX12, there's a problem I forgot to mention, DX12 has spikes galore, but stick to DX11 & its perfect no complaints.

iistuii2048d ago

Im on PC & really enjoying it.Definitely never had a laggy game as of yet.Maps are great, guns & ranking up is good, all round its fine IMO.Playing 1440p ultra settings & it runs perfect.


Am just laughing at people disagreeing for you saying yours is working fine. Like people will literally hit the disagree button over anything 😂😂😂

Akarogg 2048d ago

Here's another disagree

Parasyte2048d ago

Children and trolls. That is all they are.

TKCMuzzer2048d ago

erm, it seems your not allowed to say positive things. I have watched many videos and the glitches are not that obvious and it looks pretty good to be honest.
We have Black Ops 4, which is pretty much the same as every other COD, has poor weapon balance, naff graphics, the same glitches as all other COD games, a patch every day and no one seems to be jumping on the back of that. I actually think COD has been given a free ride this year because of the Battlefield debacle and to be honest, that's the franchise in need of the biggest change.