Final Fantasy XIII Deserves — and Gets — Another Chance

Venture Beat “If you believe the internet, Final Fantasy XIII is the worst thing to ever happen to a historic RPG series. I don’t agree. Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels are fine.

When Final Fantasy XIII came out and it wasn’t the second coming of JRPGs, it took a lot of flak. But now that it’s been almost a decade since its release, maybe we can look at Final Fantasy XIII with more gentle expectations. No, it isn’t the next Final Fantasy VII. It’s not one of the best entries in the series. But Final Fantasy XIII is still a fun and beautiful RPG that doesn’t deserve as much vitriol as it receives.”

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-Foxtrot981d ago

Look it was a shit Final Fantasy game, polishing a turd isn't going to make it any better.

Skankinruby981d ago

Agreed, it wasn't an unbearable game but far from what the series was supposed to be

rainslacker981d ago

Its really odd that people seem to be hyping up this game because it got a remaster release through BC.

I mean, I never really had much problem with the game, and even defended it at times. but the game looked damn good when it released, and it wasn't the graphics that were the problem with the game. This notion that better graphics somehow means it gets a second chance is just stupid, because FF has always been a pinnacle of graphics since at least the PS1 days...if not before in some ways.

Yes, the game looks great on the remaster, but if that's what makes people think this game is now good, they really have their priorities screwed up. If you couldn't appreciate it when it first released because of what it did in terms of being a FF game, or what it came up short in, then it's not going to change now.

The game deserved the chance when it released, and I have a hard time respecting anyone's opinion on this matter that think that it's now worth playing just because of this BC remaster release.

BLizardXD981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

sad part is that it actually has more characters and towns than FFXV, for some reason. it's also longer than FFXV's 15 chapters, which clock in at 20 hrs. under 15 hrs if you use fast travel. FFXV is just barely a JRPG in story length.

edit - RabidRetrospectGames reaches to Insomnia city just under 13 hrs. (cinemas included)

so yeah, FFXV is pretty short. FFXIII is much longer.

rainslacker981d ago

FFXIII had no fluff content added. Even the post game stuff was pretty short. FFXV was chocked full of side stuff to do that was completely uninteresting. It was like two extremes to the open-ish world RPG paradigm that made both games feel empty. XIII-2 and LR actually weren't that bad though.

CDbiggen981d ago

I still love the music and style of that game. Just wish the gameplay was a bit better.

InKnight7s981d ago

FFXIII supposed to be better game by being exclusive to PS3 and delivering 2007 trailer gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.