Microsoft Is Sending Free $10 Xbox Live Credit To Select Users, Check Email For Code

Microsoft is offering free Xbox Live credit to select users that can range from $5 to as high as $10.

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Skull52124d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I’ve been a gold member since I beta tested Xbox Live back in 2002 I feel I deserve a code lol.

franwex23d ago

Why, you’ve been throwing money at them for 16 years every year. They don’t have to convince you to spend.
I’m not trolling you either, I feel I deserve it too because I’ve been a memeber since 2002 also. Haha. Damn...

marioJP8724d ago

Wish I was one of those lucky gamers.

FTANK24d ago

I guess all the years of subscription and the thousands a year spent on digital games wasn't enough

Sm00thNinja24d ago

Speaking of Sony sent me 10.07 for the PS3 OS removal lol

franwex23d ago

Well, we did have to have the court force it on them due to bad consumer practices. Haha

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