Battlefield V arrives as WW2 explodes back into action

Carlos writes: "If you’re a fan of shooters, explosions and all things spectacular, then chances are you’re pretty excited about this year’s daddy of them all, Battlefield V. And it's here right now!"

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414gamer29d ago

The chaos in this game is absurdly fun.

REDGUM29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I've only played 1.5hrs of the multiplayer (conquest) and I recon is it awesome.
I for one got caught up in all the hate for this game at1st and was then skeptical about getting it afterall but I gotta say, its brilliant. The gameplay just works, the maps sted that well thought out that you can tackle the game just about anyway you like making room for plenty of strategies and to your game style.

Sure, like every game outhere, there are bugs but i am super impressed with this game.
Although early in my gameplay I'm seriously thinking of calling it my favorite Battlefield game. Time will tell for sure though.
Try it before you comment please. I admit I was wrong, but can you? (Complainers that is)!

414gamer29d ago

It’s most definitely a big learning curve from bf1. I’ve got about 11 hours in and am absolutely loving every bit of it

Inzo29d ago

"this year’s daddy of them all"

Daddy? Thats sexist my friend.

Eidolon29d ago

*parent of them all doesn't sound right, nor does mommy of them all. Daddy is more likely to whoop your ass.

Inzo29d ago

Mmm... Gamers really need to learn to pick up on sarcasm.