Maxim: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

The Skinny: Despite the past seven years of relative calm in the U.S., terrorism has been at an all-time high on video game consoles. Gear up for another go at the evildoers.

The Good: With Call of Duty 4 dominating the wartime shooters market, there are a lot of things on SOCOM: Confrontation that might warrant at least a peek. In fact, there probably isn't a tactical team-based shooter out there that's more realistic than SOCOM.

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dro4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

LMAO..... XD

but on the real socom is not that bad....

rdgneoz34278d ago

What servers are they playing on that they can't find anyone to shoot at or to get shot at by? Are they playing like 4 on 4 on a large map? I find it easy to find others if you play on a server with a good amount of people. Hell, there's one general area where people spawn at (changing a several yards if the enemy is camping the spawn point), so its easy to find someone if you head in that general direction.

Lanontscuz4278d ago

Maxim stick to taking pics of sexy ladies okay!?

spectyre4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

I had a subscription to Maxim and that was about the only decent thing about the magazine. Other than the pics of hot chicks, all the writers seem like smarmy elitists.

Blaze9294278d ago

lmao, exactly! Stick to the hot women, the only reason i even glance at Maxim

andrewf914278d ago

when is maxim a good gaming site?

4278d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.