Gran Turismo Sport Update Version 1.30 Patch Notes For PS4

Gran Turismo Sport update version 1.30 is out now after a short server maintenance. Here's what is included in this update.

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UltraNova25d ago

This game should have also been nominated in the Best Ongoing Game category at the GAs, I mean common how much more free stuff can they put out?

Septic25d ago

Just like Sea of Thieves, these guys need to keep pumping out content to make up for the lack of it. Don't think either one deserves any awards though...

IRetrouk25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Sport had plenty of content, over 100 hours single player stuff before any update, car count was low but no lower than pc 2, i am only just now coming up to 175 cars in my garage, not drove them all yet either so theres plenty of stuff, not including the updates, then you have the non stop multiplayer, there has never been a time where ive been playing sport and had to wait for something to do, you have a ps4, you could have played the game instead of just repeating what you read online.

InTheZoneAC24d ago

Did you just compare a game to a literal sandbox demo?

Dragonscale24d ago

SoT isn't even in the same zipcode as GT Sport. Really reaching there and off topic tbh.

itsmebryan24d ago

You mean the still not complete game that has content that should have been there at launch. But, has dribbled out months and now a year later.

Is there an award for the people that bought the game over a year ago and thought they had a full game that wasn't?
I hope you were being sarcastic. Smh

FyBy24d ago

I bought the game day one, deluxe edition and I never thought it's not complete. It was exactly what was promised. From then there were lot of updates. I know expectations were higher, but that's not PD fault. If you compare it with PC2 or FM7, it is lighter indeed, but it was not meant as competitor for them. Main feature of GTS was always online championship not single player campaign and hundreds of cars. But then, it is more niche then FM7 of course.

rainslacker24d ago

I waited for the SP campaign release because i knew what the game offered on launch. It's what they were transparent about it being when it released, and they said exactly what to expect. I know people weren't confused about what would come with the game, because they got criticized for it in many articles and forum comments.

So, the game was full for what they were trying to release. It had what they said it would have. They went into great detail about what it would have.

They added to that, due to people saying they'd like those things. Hence, a good candidate for best ongoing game.

bloop24d ago

I'm not usually a grammar Nazi but.......... come on. Not common. I don't know why, but it really bugs me when people use common instead of come on!! That, and mixing up "bought" and "brought" just drives me crazy for some reason!! Sorry, I'll leave now......

darthv7224d ago

I hoping they will press a new disc and release it. Call it the Super Sport edition GT:SS

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Father__Merrin24d ago

GTS has been more than worth asking price it's got a lot of content. Even launch game you would have got a lot of playtime but this is amazing it's well worth jumping on every update. I like how they have added to scapes.

Jls124d ago

this is content that shoulda been in day one especially the campaign part

crazyCoconuts24d ago

It's a hotfix dude. Seriously?

Gardenia24d ago

It's only some bug fixes, nothing more

Stanjara24d ago

Good! Great game btw, clean racing!

WickedLester24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I love this game! Only things it's missing are dynamic weather and day/night cycles. Oh and I wish they would bring back some of the classic tracks like Seattle, Rome, etc.