Telltale Games is closing, liquidation underway and games being removed from Steam

The story is ending, and the process to close up shop began in early October.

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Cobra95169d ago

Interesting. It's basically a private agreement between parties that sidesteps the ugliness of bankruptcy. It doesn't surprise me that it's possible (assenting parties enter into legally binding agreements all the time) but I didn't know about this particular mechanism ("assignment for the benefit of creditors").

rainslacker68d ago

Means the people that they owe money to will get money before anyone in the company does.

nommers69d ago

Well that escalated quickly.

Barely heard anything about them being in trouble until maybe two months ago, and now they’re bankrupt.

subtenko69d ago

Thats cause you see the smoke and mirrors and not what really goes on in the background, although there are clues in signs of trouble if you pay attention to the details instead of the news

awdevoftw69d ago

Whoever buys the games, I hope they release them all on one disc, instead of having to download the last episode.

Magnus69d ago

With Microsoft acquiring two new studios I am surprised they never jumped on Telltales. Sorry to see Telltales disappear like a puff of smoke I enjoyed some of their game. Hopefully who ever jumps on the ip's continues some of the work like Wolf Among Us 2 and Tales from the Borderlands 2.

rainslacker68d ago

Telltale doesn't really own much in terms of IP's to make it worth it, and their brand of games could easily be done without them. Probably even one of those studios they brought.

MoshA69d ago

Thats what you get for releasing multiplatform cash grabs across all platforms even mobiles. After Detroit only people with extremely low standards would have bought your games.

MoshA68d ago

Detroit made telltale look like poop.

King_Noctis68d ago

Why shouldn’t they release their game on multiple platforms if they can’t make enough money to support their operations? You Sony fanboy make no sense sometimes.

MoshA68d ago

Less platforms = better game/less focus on profit.

KillBill68d ago

@Mosha - "Less platforms = better game/less focus on profit." WTF???? You have zero clue about marketing nor business. Profit is ALWAYS a major focus and does not change based on less competition. Competition prevents companies from stagnating and forces them to innovate to stay relevant. We would not have the level of gaming that we see today if it was not for competition forcing the issue.

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The story is too old to be commented.