How Red Dead Redemption 2's character customisation sets up an emotional gut-punch

This feature contains major story spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2, pertaining to the end of Chapter 6.

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DEEBO30d ago

Well to be honest old snake was the 1st to do this but rockstar still did fantastic job.

ArchangelMike30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Well not Really. Not even close to be honest.

You couldn't customise and interact with Snake in the same RPG manner as you could customise Arthur. Old Snake didn't have hair that grew, you couldn't shave his beard, or feed him so that he would gain weight; or vice-verse. More importantly, without spoiling things, the way both games ended were very different emotionally.

ArchangelMike30d ago

Brilliant article, and so true of Red Dead 2. I can't remember the last time the end of a game had such an emotional impact on me, not just because of Chapter 6, but also the emotional and nostalgia inducing epilogue. The way you connect with Arthur Morgan all through the game; I was the same, making sue that he camped regularly between long trecks, making sure he was fed and slept, and also that he kept the gang camp afloat. But by the time chapter 5 began to come to a close, there was this rising sense of dread and sadness at was was coming. It was all so brilliantly executed and very well paced to deliver that final sunset moment.


ShinRon28d ago

i mean rdr2 is better overall imo but rdr1 had a better ending imo.