“The Switch Is Like A Sniper, While Vita Is A Bird That Can’t Fly”, Says PQube

Unrelated, PQube also announced that they are ending their support for the PS Vita.

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PhoenixUp31d ago

For all the crap people like to talk about Vita, it’s still hilarious that it still outsold Wii U

porkChop31d ago

I mean, we don't have any concrete numbers though. We know it's sold somewhere between 10-15 million units. It could have sold more than the Wii U, or less, or even the same. We don't know. Either way, even if it did sell better it wasn't by much. And considering it started off cheaper, and saw a price cut and a cheaper model, that isn't much of a feat.

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Eidolon31d ago

Vita also released over a year ealier.

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EddieNX 31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

It was about the same amount. At least the WiiU had some genuinely amazing games, the Vita had a handful of mediocre games.

lucian22931d ago

Wii U was absolute trash; ugly, weak and had no games; not to mention a short life cycle. Vita had potential but it had zero support so it also sucked. It hurts because psp had so many good games.

EddieNX 31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I'm not bashing Sony here, but the Vita is the least supported and probably one of the worst consoles ever. At the end of the day , games make a console and the Vita barely had any games had ever made me want to buy it. The 3DS , its main competitor had worse graphics , but about a million times as many great games, system sellers.

Even the WiiU (which was also a disaster) has quite a lot of of genuinely amazing games. This is a fact, Sony barely supported the Vita with games at all.

Silly gameAr31d ago

Wii U was not trash in my opinion. Honestly, I enjoy the Will U more than the Switch. The only thing the Switch has over the Wii U is that it can be truly portable and has a little more support. The Switch is not leaps and bounds above the Wii U, so let's not trash the Wii U because the Switch just happens to be doing better.

Ghostbob31d ago

You definitely didn't have a vita then.

rainslacker30d ago

I brought more games for the Vita than i did for the WiiU. Both systems had some genuinely amazing games, and there were more games that I liked on Vita, which are now mostly being released on Switch.

DarXyde30d ago

I liked a good amount of the software on Wii U.

That said, Persona 4 Golden got way more of my time than Wii U ever did.

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Imortus_san31d ago

PS Vita, PS TV and PSP Go were al major desasters and a blow to the consumers that bought it, Sony just gave up a year later just because.

rainslacker30d ago

PSP Go wasn't rendered obsolete when Sony decided to stop making them. It still could do everything it could otherwise.

prankster10131d ago

Can definitely concur... Lasted longer on the market too...

Shiken31d ago

Thats nice. I enjoyed my VITA and my WiiU.


Persona 5
Killzone Mercenary
Soul Sacrifice
Ys Memories of Celceta
Freedom Wars
Uncharted Golden Abyss


Xenoblade Chronicles X
Tokio Mirage Sessions
Mario Maker
Mario Kart 8

Both were flops, but both had their gems. I regret niether purchase and one flop slightly outselling the other says nothing.

In fact one might say that if you want to grasp for those straws, which flop sold slightly more, it just shows how desperate you are to upplay one and downplay the other.

King_Noctis31d ago

A majority of that sale come from Japan though, where handheld reigns supreme and where the Vita is still getting some small support left.

Neonridr31d ago

it's a handheld though, not a home console. It's strange that people want to compare a handheld to a console to somehow forget that fact. As a handheld it sold terribly.

Gameseeker_Frampt31d ago

Yet you do that comparison every week when the Switch outsells the PS4 in Japan. Could you at least try to not be a huge hypocrite?

Neonridr31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@Gameseeker - Switch is a console though.. Are you saying we should compare the Switch to the Vita instead of the PS4? You guys sure as hell compare Switch games to PS4/XB1, so why shouldn't we compare sales of the two?

Gameseeker_Frampt31d ago

Switch isn't a console though. Everyone knows that because whenever someone points out that a 9th generation console cannot run a game made for 8th generation consoles some fanboy always comes along and says that Switch is a handheld hybrid and cannot be judged the same. Yet when this handheld hybrid outsells a console in a country that prefers handhelds then it is necessary to view them equally. Pick one and stop being a hypocrite that only goes a way when it suits their agenda.

Neonridr31d ago

@Gameseeker - it is a home console though, it plays many of the same games that the PS4 and XB1 do. It is connected to your TV and played like a traditional console. So why can't it be compared to traditional consoles? Just because you can take it on the go? Some people never take it out of docked mode, so how is it a handheld to them?

It's people like you that like to flip-flop because you can't stand the fact that a console this small or not named Sony could outsell your precious system. It's both, thus it should be compared to everything really.

But we aren't talking about the Switch here, we are talking about the Vita. And as a handheld, the Vita did terrible. Why do we need to compare it to the Wii U to make ourselves feel better? Just admit that it was not a success and move on.

Gameseeker_Frampt31d ago

"it is a home console though, it plays many of the same games that the PS4 and XB1 do" Except it doesn't and your claiming that isn't doing the Switch any favors. Of the new retail new third party games released in 2018 the Switch only got DragonBall FighterZ, the Lego games, and Starlink. That isn't "many." Most games that come to PS4 and XB1 do not come to the Switch and it is desperate to try to claim otherwise.

"It's people like you that like to flip-flop because you can't stand the fact that a console this small or not named Sony could outsell your precious system." Yet you are here all upset by people pointing out the fact that the Vita outsold the WiiU. You are one of the biggest Nintendo fanboys here and are always making excuses for them when they do poorly and shouting the loudest when they do well. The rules always change so that they benefit Nintendo because fanboys like you tie up your self-worth with your favorite gaming console.

Neonridr31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@Gameseeker - notice how you completely ignored any of my questions to you.. because you know you have nothing to say other than to insult me because I like Nintendo. I fully support Sony too, with my Vita, PS4 Pro and PSVR. I love all things video games. I just like to call a spade a spade, that's all. I'm not afraid to say Nintendo does stupid things (online, voice chat, etc), I question some of their moves all the time. But I enjoy their games, hence why I buy their hardware. Just like I have enjoyed what Sony has done, and why I support them too. The Switch got Doom, it got Wolfenstein 2, it got Skyrim, LA Noire, NBA, Fifa, etc. Sure some are ports, but does the Vita or 3DS have any of these things? We aren't talking about how it has as many as the other consoles, but the mere fact that it has them to begin with.

You can't have it both ways here Gameseeker. You can't call the Switch a handheld, but then compare global sales and games to the PS4/XB1. People can't use the Wii U as a deflection for how poorly the Vita sold, it should be compared to the 3DS only. Switch is from an entirely different generation, should it be compared to nothing then? Switch has more in common with the PS4/XB1 than it does with the Vita or 3DS (aside from the fact that you can take it with you), so hence the comparisons as such.

I always compare the Switch to the PS4/XB1, and compare the Vita to the 3DS. I have never flip-flopped in that regard. We can agree to disagree then, shrug. Cheers.

Gameseeker_Frampt31d ago

Which questions did you want answered? "why can't it be compared to traditional consoles?" Ok, you want to compare it. Both the base models of the PS4 and XBox1 have 500gb hard drives - the Switch has 32gb. Both the PS4 and XB1 allow for wired internet connections - the Switch only has Wi-Fi. Both the PS4 and XB1 allow you to keep playing while charging the controller (or just change batteries with the XB1) - the Switch requires you to buy an accessory to charge your controller while playing. Both the PS4 and XB1 receive most 3rd party games - the Switch does not. If you want to count the Switch as a traditional home console, then none of these facts should be acceptable from a home console in 2018. Would anyone buy the PS5 if it had 32gb of memory? Would anyone buy the XB2 if the only way to charge the controllers was to attach them to the side of the console? We both know the answer is no. The only way these are acceptable with the Switch is if one views it as a handheld, not a home console.

"Why do we need to compare it to the Wii U to make ourselves feel better?" Yet you have no problem with this article comparing the Vita to the Switch. I don't think anyone is comparing the Vita to the Wii U to make themselves "feel better." The fact is that the Vita outsold the WiiU, both were failures, and both will have long-lasting consequences. The WiiU had all of Nintendo's first party games and was outsold by the Vita that had almost no first party support. The 2 will always be compared because they represent turning points for each company. Sony will most likely never make another dedicated handheld and Nintendo will most likely never make another dedicated home console.

Which questions did I miss?

Neonridr31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@Gameseeker - I see you trying to make the Switch a portable only, but the fact is that it exists as a home console. The dock can easily have a LAN adapter plugged in to allow the Switch to be wired. Remember the Wii or Wii U didn't have an ethernet port yet those were both home consoles. Obviously the Switch itself isn't going to have a wired connection port on it since that would be ridiculous when you take it out of the dock.

I am confused about the controller charging statement. You can have the Pro Controller or joycons plugged in to the dock while you play in docked mode, thus keeping the controllers charged. In portable mode how would you expect this feat to be accomplished if you are on a bus or sitting at your desk at work. Again, not too sure what you were getting at there with your point?? The Xbox doesn't let you charge out of the gates, you need to buy an adapter too. So how is it ok for them but not for the Switch?

As for the storage, the system is so small, you try sticking a traditional harddrive in that thing and somehow keep the form factor down. Besides, it has expandable storage up to 2TB. I put a 256GB micro SD card in the system, they are ridiculously cheap nowadays (seeing as Nintendo uses conventional memory formats, unlike the Vita). So sure.. If you don't want to grow your system, then I guess you are stuck with 32? Easy fix for Nintendo is to allow external drives (Wii U had this feature) to allow you to connect to your dock to play games off of it. Only drawback to that feature is obviously you can't take those games with you when you leave. But I guess that option would be better than nothing.

You have to remember that because it acts as both a console and a handheld, that it's limited in some regards. Look at the size of the thing, it's less than 1/20th the size of a PS4. Who expects feature parity when the system is that small? But I find it odd that you clearly know nothing about Nintendo consoles and that they don't use ethernet ports and never have. Only the Gamecube via an add-on that released in Japan allowed for a wired connection.

Gameseeker_Frampt31d ago

"Obviously the Switch itself isn't going to have a wired connection port on it since that would be ridiculous when you take it out of the dock." You just proved my point. You only accept a missing feature that all other current home consoles have by saying it is ok because it is a handheld.

The Pro Controller doesn't come with the Switch and how do you get the "joycons plugged in to the dock?" I have never seen that being done and I don't think anyone else has either. The only way that I know of to charge the joycons out of the box is to attach them to the Switch, which means you cannot use them while playing on the TV. Neither the PS4 or XB1 have this restriction and like I said you can just swap batteries with the XB1 - no additional accessory needed. No other home console ever made you stop playing in order to charge its controller (not even the Wii or WiiU since that seems to be as far back as you can remember).

"As for the storage, the system is so small, you try sticking a traditional harddrive in that thing and somehow keep the form factor down." Again, you prove my point. You want the Switch to be considered a home console yet claim it is a handheld when justifying something negative. The Switch comes with less storage then most games these days require, something that no other current home console has a problem with.

"Look at the size of the thing, it's less than 1/20th the size of a PS4." No. Just no. The Switch is just under 1/10th the size. The Switch is 203.1mm x 102mm x 13.9mm. The launch PS4 is 275mm x 53mm x 305mm. Now this measurement is just for the Switch itself - not the dock or joycons. You want it to be viewed as a traditional console you can play on a TV yet when making size comparisons you leave out the device required to play it on a TV. Not very genuine there.

It isn't surprising that when presented with features that all other current home consoles have you resort to saying that since Nintendo never does it it doesn't matter. Problem is, we were not comparing the Switch to the WiiU or Wii or GameCube or N64 or SNES. We are comparing it to the PS4 and XB1. "I always compare the Switch to the PS4/XB1" - except when it doesn't look good apparently.

Neonridr31d ago

@Gameseeker - ok, so we can compare it to the PS4/XB1 in terms of features and games, but we can't compare it to them because it's a handheld and instead we should be comparing the Switch to other handhelds.

Ok, got it.

Cheers dude, I am done with this conversation, we can agree to disagree and be done with it.

Gameseeker_Frampt31d ago

"ok, so we can compare it to the PS4/XB1 in terms of features and games, but we can't compare it to them because it's a handheld and instead we should be comparing the Switch to other handhelds."

Comparing things one way when it suits you and another when it doesn't is what you have been doing which is just stupid and doing the Switch a great disservice. The Switch has more in common with handhelds than home consoles so why would anyone want to shoehorn it into the home console category? As a home console, it is sorely lacking compared to consoles that came out 4 years earlier. As a handheld though, it is the best we have ever seen and is the new gold standard. The missing features and games as well as lower graphics don't matter because it has always been that way with handhelds. Switch has narrowed the gap between home consoles and handhelds and should be applauded for that but claiming it is a home console just highlights all the ways that it isn't a home console and all the excuses one has to make.

Of course, there will always be those diehard fanboys that need to put the Switch in the same category as the PS4 so they can talk about sales. The Wii U years were tough on some and now they feel the need to always talk about sales now that Nintendo is doing well. Only problem is that the PS4 sold more in 2017 than it did in any previous year, showing that neither the Switch or the PS4 has any effect on the sales of the other since they are in different categories.

Neonridr31d ago

@Gameseeker - but you can't exactly brag about Switch sales globally when the PS4 still manages to sell a little bit more each month. So your logic is flawed. Are you saying I call it a home console in Japan but not in NA? it doesn't work like that. Nintendo has changed what the word console means. The Switch is whatever you want it to be. If you want it docked to your TV and played like a regular console, then you can do that. That's what the Wii U was and the Switch improves on the Wii U in every regard. Sure it's not as powerful as the other two, but that was Nintendo's choice to manage cost + power vs efficiency. Just because it's weaker doesn't mean that it's still not a console. Is a PC still not a PC regardless if it's an i3 vs an i9? Has a 960 or a 2080ti GPU?

The Switch is a console that you can take with you, simple as that. I get your confusion, as it's never been done. A handheld is simply a handheld, not something that can act as both.

But if you want to believe it's just a handheld, then that's fine, I am not going to tell you that you are wrong. You can see it how you want, but we will never agree on that point. Understandably I actually own one, along with tons of other hardware, so it's easy for me to make connections and draw similarities between them when I actually use them all.

Gameseeker_Frampt30d ago

"you can't exactly brag about Switch sales globally when the PS4 still manages to sell a little bit more each month. So your logic is flawed." How exactly is it flawed? We haven't seen a handheld sell this well since the DS. The 3DS has been on the market for almost 8 full years and hasn't even sold half of what the DS did. The Gameboy Advance sold 80 million in just 3 years while the 3DS still hasn't sold that many and the Vita not even a fourth of that. For years people have been saying that handheld gaming is getting killed by phones yet the Switch disproves that.

"Nintendo has changed what the word console means." No it hasn't. Both the PS4 and XB1 - actual home consoles - have had better sales since the Switch launched than before. If consumers felt that things changed and the console was redefined then Switch sales would come at the expense of other console sales since they would be competing against each other.

"The Switch is a console that you can take with you." That isn't true which you already explained when you talked about all the missing features. The Switch is a handheld that you can plug into the TV, not a console you can take with you. It was designed as a handheld first which is why the dock doesn't really do anything and there were all the compromises made compared to the other consoles on the market. Saying the Switch is a console is just going to get it compared to the PS4 and XB1 which are from the previous generation yet are better consoles than the Switch. If you want to call it a console, that is fine - just know that I will call you out every time you bring up that the Switch is a handheld as an excuse. Nobody likes a hypocrite.

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drunkenspy00731d ago

yep, and now it's being compared to a new console that came out recently while the vita has been around for years.

Neonridr31d ago

nobody compares the Vita to the Switch. The Vita's competition was the 3DS. And it lost badly.

DJK1NG_Gaming31d ago

Well the Wii U was compared to PS3/X360.
The Switch is being compared to PS4/Xbone
Dont play victim

AKR31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

1.) It was a cheaper system.
2.) It came out a year earlier.
3.) Being a handheld, it did well in Japan.

Even if it did outsell the Wii U, there's no sense in comparing the two, really. They were targetted at different markets and not to mention the difference in overall sales is quite minimal.

If we're gonna pick straws, then let's talk about how the DS outsold the PS3 and 360. We can also talk about the 3DS is still outselling the Xbox One and how the PS4 just managed to overtake it within the last few months.

Is this still funny now?

Gameseeker_Frampt30d ago

"Is this still funny now?"

Yes, yes it is. The 3DS was released almost 3 years earlier and cost less than half yet the PS4 has easily outsold it this year. The DS came out in 2004 yet you make no mention of the Sony console that was available at that time. I suppose you really couldn't make any point if you brought up the PS2.

The WiiU and Vita comparisons are perfectly valid since both were commercial failures and represented turning points for both companies.

FallenAngel198431d ago (Edited 31d ago )


“1.) It was a cheaper system.
2.) It came out a year earlier.
3.) Being a handheld, it did well in Japan.”

All those excuses can also be applied to PSP and Wii, yet the latter still outsold the former. So there is no legitimate excuse for why Wii U got outsold by Vita.

DS and 3DS didn’t catch nearly as much flak as Vita did. The OP is saying that for all the shit people leverage towards the Vita, it still managed to perform better than a system that got better supported by its hardware manufacturer.

AKR30d ago

Going by history, handhelds typically always outsell home consoles. That's why I said "if we're gonna pick straws" before going into my point about the DS and 3DS.

The fact of the matter is, comparing the two is fundamentally pointless from a sales standpoint. Prior to Switch, handhelds and home consoles have always pretty much stayed in their own lanes. That's why I found the argument rather nonsensical.

Anyway, no matter how bad they sold, each system had its fans. The industry has moved on. So, why can't fanboys?

FallenAngel198430d ago

Nintendo handhelds typically outsell consoles, not so much handhelds from other hardware manufacturers, so there’s little point in bringing up DS & 3DS in that regard. Handhelds from Sega and Atari didn’t outsell any of the major consoles in their respective generations. PSP didn’t outsell any consoles of the 7th gen, but Vita clearly was able to outsell Wii U.

The OP could be commenting on how Wii U with all the selling power that Nintendo’s IPs provide still couldn’t outsell something like Vita that lacked definitive system selling games.

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TheGamez10031d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I actually still play my vita and more often than my switch. Pokemon and smash will bring me back though. The vitas more like a majestic bird that was first abused and then shot to death by its owner (sony) but somehow still clinging to life....

Eidolon31d ago

Yeah. I use it for SOME games, not exclusives though. I can't honestly say I need it. But it's nice to have..

WickedLester31d ago

I have barely played my Switch since I beat Mario Odyssey. The only new game I've bought this year has been Mario Tennis Aces and that game was just OK. I like Nintendo games but its maddening having to wait such long periods of time between AAA releases.

Old McGroin31d ago

There's a lot of top quality games on the Switch. Maybe you should try them?

Moe-Gunz31d ago

I'm in the exact same boat. Currently waiting for Smash to bring me back.

31d ago
WickedLester31d ago

@Old McGroin

Which ones? The Wii U ports, the Indie shovel ware, or the 7 year old 3rd party games I already played on other consoles?

jaycptza31d ago

There is a lot of remakes on Switch...

King_Noctis31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Exclusive wise we have Octopath, Pokemon, and the upcoming Smash. Third party wise we have some current gen games as well such as DBZ Fighter, Doom, and Wolfenstein. Plus, some indies games are truly gems such as The Messenger, Dead Cell, and Celeste. Not all indies games are shovelware.

I’m sure if you try hard enough (or even try at all), you’d sure to find something that you like.

Neonridr31d ago

I love how if it isn't EA, Ubisoft, etc it's not AAA. Ever notice how these studios you like to call AAA pump out more crap than the smaller studios who deliver these very polished indie titles?

WickedLester31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


Not once did I mention those studios. And those indie titles can be found on other systems. I'm talking about exclusives and I'm sorry but 2018 has been dismal on Switch for exclusives. We've gotten Wii U ports, a very underwhelming Kirby game, a tennis game that's OK but could've been so much better, a Mario Party game that's mediocre, an 8 bit turn-based JRPG, and a watered down Pokémon game that's clearly being marketed to the casual Go! crowd. Smash Bros is the one and ONLY major AAA game that Nintendo will be releasing this year. Sorry, but that's unacceptable. If you're not going to get the lion's share of major 3rd party AAA games (which they're not), you've GOT to supplement that with killer 1st party titles and Nintendo has utterly failed in this regard in 2018. You can try and downplay that all you want but those are the facts! Lie to yourself if you must to make yourself feel better about your purchase, but it doesn't change the facts.

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Neonridr31d ago

my Vita is only turned on for Remote Play. It's a great feature and I use it to death at times (great for when I am in bed). But as a handheld, it doesn't come close to my 3DS or Switch.

tiredanddone31d ago

3DS is amazing. Still (personally) have no reason to buy a Switch. I will be buying one for Animal Crossing though xD

Geobros31d ago

They are right i think! Switch is the best console to invest nowdays, vita was always dead.

WickedLester31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Disagree. If someone is looking to get a console now, the PS4 Slim/Spiderman bundle at 199.99 is hands down the best value. Not only are they getting a fantastic console at a great price with a quality AAA pack in, they are getting access to the best games library this generation, hands down!

michellelynn097631d ago

Disagree. I think the Switch is better. Also, I don't think the ps4 has the best library of games. You aren't the last word.

WickedLester31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Objectively the PS4 has the largest library and highest rated games of the 3. Thats not subjective, that is fact.
Yes Switch has Mario and Zelda, both of which are very good. But 2 games does not a console make. Right NOW, PS4 is unquestionably the better console and at 199.99 with Spiderman is hands down the best value. Only the most blindly dedicated Nintendo fans would disagree

Mr_Writer8531d ago

The PS4 is better value than a Switch without a doubt.

But the Switch is the better value console as a second console.

If I owned an Xbox or a PC I'd go with the Switch over PS4. Just as I went with the Switch over the X1 as I own a PS4.

The Switch can't compete with a home console or PC. But Nintendo know this, and that's why they have gone for the second console gamers.

Realms31d ago

Only Nintendo fanboys think the Switch is a better deal than the PS4 right now, as others have stated the PS4 has more games available. Both have pros and cons but as a pure objective view the PS4 has more games thus more potential value unless portability is a deal breaker the PS4 holds more value.

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King_Noctis31d ago

All consoles are the best console to invest depend on what kind of gaming you like.

InTheZoneAC31d ago

There is literally zero reason to own an xbox. Even if you have a Pc there is literally zero reason not to own a ps4.

King_Noctis31d ago

I’d say Gamepass, backward compatibility, and graphic are some of the reason to own the X1 (X).

spicelicka31d ago

Only if you play on the go a lot. It has some great exclusives like Zelda and Mario, but at the same time misses out on some great multiplats like Red dead 2. On top of that it's not graphically at the level to PS/Xbox due to its portable nature. I wouldn't call it the best console to invest in unless you only care about the Nintendo franchises.

Shiken31d ago

Depends on your needs. If you value portability, there are more than enough current gen 3rd party games to go along with 1st party exclusives to keep you busy.

Ys 8
Valkeria Chronicles 4
Dragonball FighterZ
South Park
Wolfenstein 2
Crash N Sane trilogy
Dragonaball Xenoverse 2

Just to name a few.

Also sequels for these games comjng to Switch have either been confirmed, or are almost inevitable.

Sure you will miss out on more damanding games like Red Dead or God of War, but in no way is there a shortage of things to play with Switch as your main console.

I myself play my PS4 Pro and Switch equally. I cannot realistically say that one is more relevant than the other when it comes to "main" and "side" consoles.

spicelicka31d ago


I'm not talking about "more than enough" though. There are more than enough games to play no matter what system you have. There are enough games to keep you busy on the Vita too.

Realms31d ago

@ Shiken

Yes but by only owing a Switch you will miss out on way more games than by just owning a PS4 at the end of the day they both have pros and cons. It's up to the gamer to decide what has more value to them but as a pure console the PS4 is a better choice unless portability is a must.

Shiken31d ago


Thing about the portability is how much time you have. If you can complete more games on Switch than you would PS4, the bigger library is kind of meaningless. Switch would be your main console.

But if portability is not a factor, PS4 primary and Switch secondary would be my recommendation.

Both arguments are valid is my point.

spicelicka30d ago

I would argue that just like portability is a factor, so is the visual quality of the experience, so it's not just the number of games. The fact that you can play Zelda on the bus is great and something you can't get on other consoles, but the fact that you can play God of war on a 4k TV and encounter a dragon in high definition is also something incredible that you can't get on the Switch.

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rainslacker30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

At this point in time, I wouldn't recommend the Vita to anyone as a new console, as Sony is about to discontinue support and making of the carts next year.

But, if someone wants to play some good games on it, then they can be had for pretty cheap, and given how many people seem to want to play all sorts of retro PS1 games since the PS Classic was announced, I readily recommend the PSTV.....but again, it's all dependent on what people may want from the console, and if they're familiar with the library and willing to buy it for that, I doubt they'll be asking my opinion anyways.

Other than that, when it comes to recommending a console, it's more important to find out what the person wants from a gaming system, not what you like in a gaming system. If I recommended a Switch to a casual person who would have to ask my opinion, I'd make sure they weren't buying a system with the intent to play the more modern games on it, and that they didn't mind the lower power, and the best part of the library primarily being provided by Nintendo

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Movefasta199331d ago

vita is more like a beautiful bird locked in a cage, and that cage is sony who prevented it from reaching it's potential.

Mr_Writer8531d ago

Why would they continue to invest in games for a handheld gamers weren't buying?

Movefasta199331d ago

really dude? WHere were sony's biggest ip? Gran turismo, God of war, Naughty dog developed games, Sucker Punch,Ratchet ect.