Red Dead Redemption 2: Arthur Can Get Sexually Violated in the Game, Here’s How to Trigger It

Arthur Morgan gets more than he bargained for with this "friendly gesture" from a stranger. Here's how you can trigger it, and how to get the Valerian Root for your troubles.

Skull5211774d ago

Hottest news of the day is how to get your character raped in Red Dead? Nice work team...

xboxcult1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

hahaha :D . Approved

Dark-soul1775d ago

i took load and fried that creep

Elda1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Finally something interesting in this game...LOL!! Me & my besties have to play this scene out so we can kiki!

bigmalky1775d ago

Is that Hawaiian for circle jerk?

Elda1775d ago

LOL!! In other words me & my other girlfriends find the game boring so on game night we'll look for this scenario in the game for laughs!!

bigmalky1775d ago

Wow... Society needs a sharp shock.

cooperdnizzle1775d ago

Elda. Why type and comment on a game you do not find interesting. The game wasn’t made for you... Guess what? That’s totally fine! There are thousand of other games to play.

1775d ago
RememberThe3571775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )



Eldas anti RDR comments are getting a bit outta hand. It's one thing to not like a game (been trying to get into Pillars of Eternity but it's just not my thing) but to go all the way to pro-rape is fked up

JackBNimble1774d ago

Elda doesn't actually play RDR2. Anyone who moans about a game as much as him obviously has some kind of agenda against this game. There is no way I believe Elda would play RDR2.

Just move on already pal, we get it, you don't like Red Dead.... it's ok.

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xenz1775d ago

Why do you even care to play a game you find boring?

Elda1775d ago

It was paid for,trying to seek what others are finding so grand about RDR2.

Nu1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Hello everyone Elda is a woman. From what I gather Elda is Foxtrot and stealth trolls. She's always bashing Zelda and Red Dead. She doesn't have time to game

Elda1775d ago

Foxtrot & stealth troll?? What does that even mean?? I have nothing against Zelda games so you've got the wrong one. I find that some of you are like crying little children because someone doesn't like what you like & has no problem saying it so some of you get your feelings hurt as if the game was your lover...lol...smh.

jcole971775d ago

Could you imagine the reaction if it was a girl

Elda1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Seen those scenario's many times in movies & some other games,now in this game the shoe is on the other foot & the fact of the matter is it's just a game & no one is really getting turned out!! LOL!!

jcole971775d ago

@Elda, Yeah but who laughs when it happens to the other sex? Literally no one laughs at a girl getting raped, but you’re laughing when it happens to a guy? And if it’s just a game, how come women flipped their shit about the feminist being fed to a alligator?

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