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Fallout 76 has left Jonathan Irwin at with mixed feelings, and by and large he says that the simplest way to put it is that it's not for everyone.

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EddieNX 26d ago

7.6 is quite fitting 😂😂😂

-volt-26d ago

Should be lower honestly. This game is crap.

william_cade26d ago

7.6 is like a major fail for game reviewers now-a-days. I remember when a 6 was a decent game and a 7 was a very good game. Now it's 10 is a good game, 9 is a solid game, 8 is an alright game and 7 the game kinda of sucks.

EazyC25d ago

There is one European mag that seems brutal in its scoring but is actually just old-school. I think it's GamesTM.

Ps aww I just Googled them and they're shutting down in a few days :( I remember they had extremely well written pieces about the industry etc, haven't read it in years though

sKiiTs825d ago

agreed, somehow review scores have increased across the entire board?! i wouldn't give any game a 10, last of us maybe earns a 9 for me and thats my all time fave game.

DARK_FOX25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Since when was a score of 7 ever a "very good game".... I remember when a score of 7 was a "moderately good game" but please show me a game with a aggregated score of a 7/10 that was a "very good game"

william_cade25d ago

I will have to dig through some archives somewhere to show actual scores, but I remember 7 being a very good game in my opinion as an older gamer from the NES days.

Have game scores changed across the board? Yes. At least from my memory.

TedCruzsTaint26d ago

I don't buy games unless they get a 7.7

T1125P25d ago

Even if you could torrent this I would not even bother, not worth my bandwidth haha POS game. Bethesda your slacking with your buggy mess of most of your games.

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