Slappy Ass Gameplay – Party Game on PC Available Now

CG writes: Developer Spicy Pixels released their tongue-in-cheek party game Slappy Ass on Steam. It’s a mouse clicker game where players slap an ass and unlock extra skins, props, backgrounds and outfits. A few mini-games included add to the party atmosphere where players compete for high scores via online leader-boards. Just make sure you have a fast mouse finger.

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TheEnigma31327d ago

yup more perv who can't get real women.

Casepb27d ago

No way you're serious... This isn't that kind of game. Who could even choke it to that? Nothing porngraphic about it.

FallenAngel198427d ago


Poor choice of words when describing this game

FullmetalRoyale27d ago

Or... best choice of words? :)

KwietStorm27d ago

lmao what kind of stupid shit

Kabaneri27d ago

The pinnacle of modern gaming.

Jls127d ago

lol really a leaderboard

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