Fallout 76 is already getting review bombed on Metacritic

Fallout 76 servers went live a bit early and folks are already review bombing it on Metacritic.

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-Foxtrot559d ago

Well, well, well...people are being honest and not letting the Bethesda/Fallout brand cloud their judgment. Good for them but I have a feeling reviewers won't follow through.

See this is what you get Bethesda when you try and make a quick cash in...I mean hell make an online Fallout game sure like you did with the Elder Scrolls Online but why get so involved with the development, helping the other studio out which takes time, resources and money away from Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield. I never saw Todd that much on stage when they announced Elder Scrolls Online.

Sad thing is Fallout 76 has a good setting, the first vault dwellers setting foot back on the land after the bombs fell discovering the new world for the first time, that would have made a fantastic spin off game like a spiritual successor to New Vegas (by that I mean spin off wise, not a direct sequel). Yet they wasted it on this and I hope to God they just pretend this game dosen't exist in canon when they realise it's not as well liked.

Still think they should have used the spin off games like New Vegas to venture into new territory story wise, whether it's something like Fallout 76 in terms of being the earliest prequel or maybe use a spin off game to go outside the US, maybe the UK in London.

JaguarEvolved559d ago

They've been getting away with rubbish performance in their games for over a decade and the games were getting amazing reviews. I'll never buy another Bethesda game unless it's proper polished and I'm a massive elder scrolls fan

Skull521559d ago

I’m not sure what is to hate on about this game? Isn’t it just a multiplayer Fallout? What is so bad about that?

TheColbertinator559d ago


The worst thing about Fallout going multiplayer is Fallout going multiplayer. There is your answer.

JLynn943559d ago

@skull People decided that they were going to hate this game as soon as it was revealed. It's a circle-jerk whine fest. This game is going to have a ton added to it. The biggest reason people like Foxtrot call this "being honest" instead of a bunch of predetermined hate and trolling is because they hated it preemptively, too.

ziggurcat558d ago


"I’m not sure what is to hate on about this game?"

Because it's forced MP that is just going to be rife with people griefing each other. Had they made a single player game with the *option* for DiDo co-op, and nixed all of the terrible base-building garbage, ti might have been more well-received.

558d ago
Skull521558d ago

I mean we already have a proper single player Fallout this generation. If anything the reason to be mad is we’re going to go a whole generation without an Elder Scrolls game and instead got 2 Fallouts. If the game sucks then it sucks. Maybe it turns out to be better than single player Fallout.

KukwesGaming558d ago

You know they will still do a regular single player Fallout game in the future...why not let the people that love Fallout and multiplayer have their day. It's not even made by the same studio.

ziggurcat558d ago


You literally just answered your own question with the second half of that same question.

AdonisIsBeast558d ago

I don’t see what’s wrong with people being able to play with a friend/friends in a franchise that they appreciate. I enjoyed RE5 just as much as 4 simply because I could tackle the campaign with a friend/family member

DanteVFenris666558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

You do know Bethesda makes more then just elder scrolls and fallout right?

Bethesda released amazing titles last year such as prey, Wolfenstein 2, evil within and dishonoured dlc. All of which were heavily graphic and non glitchy games. Games that are all hella fun too

FITSniper558d ago


In my 3 hours last night, I barely came across others and when I did, none of them attacked me. The game is hardly rife with griefers. Sure things may change in the future. But so might the anti-griefing mechanism. They could add the ability to opt out of all PvP damage if the community call for it is strong enough. So far though I haven't even been attacked by another player. Even as a pot shot.

ziggurcat558d ago


Those games you listed weren't developed by Bethesda, they were published. Other devs made those games.


That's fine if you don't think the game will be a grief fest. It will be, though... just a matter of time or the right instance you spawn into.

MasterCornholio558d ago


“Maybe it turns out to be better than single player Fallout. “

A lot of previews have been quite negative especially from YouTubers. Also I doubt it will be even close to New Vegas where quality is concerned. Heck I don’t believe it will be better than Fallout 4 in my opinion.

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UCForce559d ago

Yeah, I think people have enough with Bethesda laziness this time around.

FunAndGun559d ago

I truly believe if this was a SP Fallout sequel, complaints about old engine, bugs, and lazy development would be slim. MP only is the source of complaints it seems.

ziggurcat558d ago

If they put any of this game's crap in the next, proper Fallout, I am done with this series.

Servbot41558d ago

If it was $20 DLC for Fallout 4 there would less complaints.

WANNAGETHIGH559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

I will keep saying this over and over again. Fallout is Massively Overrated!! Bad controls, horrible graphics, horrible AI animation. I give the fallout franchise a 6/10 at best. Not bad but not near the hype people think the game is worth. When you see other open world games like the Witcher and Rd2 it makes you wonder why gamers keep giving Fallout a pass and not calling them out on there crap. We need to start calling out average games that are made irrespective of there developers “status”.

AlexMuncatchy559d ago

The Fallout games are anything but average. And this is coming from someone who only calls themselves a minor/moderate fan of their works. I can totally respect their world-building, lore and general extravagance when it comes down to bringing an entire city to fruition.

william_cade558d ago

For all of their faults, New Vegas and Fallout 3 was/is a great game. Of course, Obsidian made New Vegas, but both 3 and NV has some great role-playing.

Shinkus558d ago

Not for nothing but I played Witcher 3 on ps4 2 years after launch and had 3 glitches that required me to revert to an old save and 1 that they never even fixed. On top of around 8 chests I could never loot and my horse getting stuck under the map. People act like open world games don't have problems when they all do

bignosepig558d ago

I think you're right, when I first played fallout 4 I thought it was a basic FPS but for singleplayer. But I think where all the hype is coming from is the magic in New Vegas and Fallout 3 that people have grown attached to.

hiawa23558d ago

Wait, so this is a multiplayer only Fallout? I rented it looking to try something new but I was hoping for a single player experience.

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AlexMuncatchy559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Eh. While I am not the biggest fan of this particular iteration of Fallout, I think review bombing, in general, is incredibly stupid. It does not show anything but that people are averse to change and are actively judging something that cannot be judged on a short playthrough of the beta.

I am not even remotely a fan of this game, but I'd rather present my arguments in an actually useful manner to give the developers something to chew on rather than say "1/10...THIS AINT FALLOUT" like some overly entitled, self-aggrandizing "fanboy". Play the finished game, and then vocalize your disapproval. Doing it preemptively is foolish. It does not "teach them a lesson". It just makes them work that much harder to parse through the ACTUAL data from the game and player base to find out what the real gripes actually are within the design of the game itself.

william_cade558d ago

I'm sure there is a lot of that but let's be honest, Bethesda charged 60 usd for what should be a free-to-play game.

Cobra951558d ago

You can judge that:
- it's multiplayer, in a Fallout setting (which is all I need to reject it)
- it's devoid of NPCs and feels like a vast emptiness
- other players are not there to flesh out the world, but to do their own thing
- its nearly nonexistent story sucks

neutralgamer1992559d ago


That would be good only if the game actually worked. Game engine is the problem and Bethesda's refusal to create a new engine even for next Gen games is another underlying problem


No sir Bethesda refusing to confirm months after reveal that the game IS MP only is the reason behind the hate. For a while they said don't believe Lal the leaks or rumors even though all the leaks and rumors turned out to be true

The hate for FO76 is for

Bad game engine
Bad performance
No NPC's to populate the game
Extremely tight inventory weight limits

D3TH_D33LR558d ago

Let’s be serious for a thought.

Reviewers are likely not to follow suit because the ones review bombing are the ones who decided they were going to hate this game no matter what, not the people who thought they might enjoy it, decided to buy and immediately submitted their impressions to metacritic

EazyC558d ago

I don't think it's surprising, people liked Fallout because it's NOT this..

agnosticgamer558d ago

Read the poor reviews @Foxtrot and you will be disgraced for supporting the "review bombing" Review bombing is generally is when people have NEVER played the game and go on to write a poor review... I mean you see all the 0 and 1 scores and it's utter bullshit period... like 1 or 2 sentences and all of a sudden the games a 0? or a 1... your a disgrace for supporting review bombing as it's always held in negative connotation... Reviews from the editors and gaming sites will probably be a lot higher because they actually play the game... It's not always video games either there was a campaign to review bomb the movie Venom so some other movie could take the #1 spot... Review Bombing should never be encouraged.

Drakul558d ago

Fallout is pure American culture dude, I can not imagine outside the USA Fallout game.

Gahl1k558d ago

Someone in IGN doesn't like it...

Born2Game83558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

Its MC user reviews. Which are completely worthless. Anyone can give any rating and not show a single shred of proof they played even 5 minutes of the game.

yeahokwhatever558d ago

I can tell you guys one thing, clearly nobody here has actually played it. It's not bad. in fact, it might even be kind of awesome. So far, all of the players ive met have been pretty friendly.

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lelo2play559d ago

... and so it starts ... again.

fiveby9558d ago

Well at least it's cross-platform play..... oh wait. /s

Shikoku559d ago

Its basically just fallout 4 online nothing new or interesting really.

Greg2801559d ago

Its even worse, atleast Fallout 4 had a story and Npc's

shadowraiden558d ago

there is a story and NPC's though you run in to a lot of NPC's. i want to add how many of the really good NPC's in fallout 4 were Human NPC's i can think of none they was all generic shit NPC's. Fallout's humour has always been the random NPC's like the ghouls,super mutants and AI's, which there is plenty in fallout 76.

KukwesGaming558d ago

it's a full on new fallout calling fallout 4 online is not accurate...adding to your inaccuracy is that this game has tons of NPC's and features lots of story and lore. Just because they are not human does not mean they are not a NPC. Having human npcs would break the experience since all the full on humans are just leaving Vault 76. I am sure we will see new quest in the future that have Vault 76 humans as they settle in. I also believe when the other vaults open up we will also engage other human NPCs. This is a live game that will evolve.

Shikoku558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

Having played fallout, fallout 2, fallout 3 and fallout New Vegas fallout 4 and having played fallout 76 during the preorder beta its a full on fallout 4 experience with other people is the completely accurate way to describe the game. Its fallout 4 assets set in virgina and its called 76 there is the differences.

DJStotty558d ago

my thoughts exactly kukwes,

so so much room for expansion with this game, i think its solid so far

SegaGamer558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

I'm not a fan of the Fallout series, but I am getting tired of games companies just taking a popular franchise and making some crappy online spin off. If they want an online game, then why don't they just make one without attaching a popular name to it?

I'm not really into online games, but this was a good chance for Bathesda to create a new ip. This gen has been far too reliant on sequels, reboots and spin offs. Horizon is one of the only new games that has been really successful.

Shinkus558d ago

Fallout is what got my brother into playing video games and we've wanted a way to play it together ever since, there are in fact people who wanted a fallout online

crazysammy558d ago

Its marketing 101 man. Why try and build a new IP from scratch when you have a very strong existing IP that you can cash in on?

fiveby9558d ago

The existence of FO76 does not damage the ability to have a FO5 someday. Sure it's an MP game with up to 24 players on a map. Is the story weak? I don't know yet. I am not saying it's what everyone wanted nor as good as previous iterations of FO. But I am sure many if not most of the complaints from people on FO76 are from people who have not played the game but just watched streams or videos. It's ok to consider someone's opinion in that manner but take it for what it is. I have my misgivings about BGS mind you delivering games with many bugs or a seemingly outdated engine, but they are surely not alone in that practice. I bought the game for my X1x at a steep discount. Have not played it much yet but sure will try with some friends.

Profchaos559d ago (Edited 559d ago )

Funny thing is if the just did a fallout 3 anniversary edition with vr support as rumoured fans would have been quite happy and development costs would have been minimal

CaptainObvious878558d ago

But then they couldn't bring in those juicy MTs into FO3 for idiots to keep buying.

Shinkus558d ago

No because then the fans would complain that they did it with 3 instead of nv, the fans are never happy

ziggurcat559d ago

... or maybe the game is just that bad?