How to Fix Five Big Problems with VR

VR is great, but it's also very not-great at times. Here are areas that need work, and maybe get this experiment back on track.

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Skull52128d ago

I salute all the public VR testers for spending their hard earned cash so the rest of us can one day have a proper VR experience.


Sure, I decided to don't buy a car because I am waiting for teleportation.

Silly gameAr27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I know they don't have a VR experience on xbox yet, so I hope that for you, and all of the people that are nothing but negative about VR, can pretend it's the best thing ever in the future.


Apocalypse Shadow27d ago

Trash article. But it's dispatches. What can you expect? Is vr perfect? No. Is it awesome to experience? Yes. But to expect perfection and wireless day one for first Gen vr would be delusional.

Setting up psvr is easy. And the instructions are so simple and cords numbered. And the hdmi cords are symbol marked. You would have to be a dummy not to figure it out.

Movement is fine. There's no contraption they could give you for full body locomotion without plugging it into your brain stem,taking up space or needing a football field to play.

Motion sickness. Some gamers get sick from regular games like fps movement. Or certain camera angles. Some not knowing they have epilepsy, have an attack from just lights flickering in a game. But game companies continued making software. Why? Because not everyone is effected. And they warn you before hand. Take it slow and play what you can play.

Picking weaker interactive games to support your narrative but not talk about the stronger titles that negate this shows negligence and misleading behaviour for a blogger. Because, you're not a journalist.

Pixel hunting? Ridiculous. We do that in regular games of clicking on objects and searching. But you want to call it a negative for VR? Stupid.

Humor is subjective. But there's poor writing in regular games for humor. Again, this isn't even a vr only thing. But to attack vr for it but not gaming in general is also dumb.

AAA didn't abandon vr. They were never there to begin with. They bow to investors whims and only risk when profits are a sure thing. But jump in when something becomes a hit because they don't innovate. Battle royal is a great example. As soon as money was made, they jump in like they own it. But, it's not like they couldn't make a great game. EA already has the assets needed to make a short but amazing Start Wars game from SWBF. And we know Criterion can make a great one based off of their vr mission. But EA are lazy. And could have made one for all high end hmds. And Star Wars prints money when you make something good.

But, AAA games are already there from smaller companies. The list of great psvr games is lengthy. And already embarrasses the wii and kinect in gameplay and immersion. Psvr owners already know what those games are without me making this post longer than it already is. I've seen better articles.

darthv7227d ago

I like the VR experience but right now its a very singular experience. In the future I know they will address the issue of there being only one headset per system. once they add in a secondary set... that is when i feel it will really grow in popularity and support.

I feel bad for the person who just has to sit there and watch on a secondary screen and cannot experience in that moment what the first person is seeing and feeling. There is lots of potential but first things first and that is getting it to where more people can share the experience together.

Apocalypse Shadow27d ago

I can agree to that. Hopefully, things like I've seen with Oculus Quest with multiple players in the same room would be awesome. Their demonstration was amazing. I'm not a Facebook fan or have an account with them. But what they are doing with it,and it being wireless will definitely grow the industry.

But for today, things are like they have always been for new tech: big, bulky and expensive. Cars, tvs, phones, etc, all started out big, bulky and expensive.

But shared vr would be cool.

Bane3527d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Not really it did have some good points

Bane3526d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Like not having companies like EA,sega,Activision, to name a few to make AAA vr games for psvr

sprinterboy26d ago

Can't force them when the market is not truly there yet, they'll jump on board when it's more popular of course but agree somewhat on the big hitters making billions off MT, EA could have a least made a small 3 or 4 hr starwars game surely