Red Dead Redemption 2: This House In Aberdeen Pig Farm Has A Creepy Way To Earn Money

While some of the discoveries in RDR 2 are good, some of them are creepy. One of this is the little secret of the two siblings living in Aberdeen Pig Farm.

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Rikimaru197725d ago

those two were creeping me out,so i shot them after the first drink.

salmonade25d ago

I drank everything they gave me lol. *I won't explain what happens due to spoilers*, but after killing them their animations were very cool and reactions were very unique compared to a random NPC on the road. It was one of my favourite experiences so far. So good. "Thank you Rockstar, very cool."

xenz25d ago

Yeah this was so crazy to me.


Here I am, roaming around, lazoing people and dragging them in the forest just to brutally murder them. And right there besides me in complete darkness I saw this house. Thought it would make a great murder house. (I know, I'm a psycho).

Then I was greeted by this fat piece of shit. He and his GF lured me in and poisoned me. It was so creepy but I kinda felt like it was carma (lol).

After getting robbed I rushed back to their house, lazoed both of them, dragged them to the grave they put me in and lighted them on fire with a molotov.

Got my money back and burned their house down.

Great gaming moment!