Xbox Game Pass now allows pre-loading of games

From VG247: "With more and more games joining Xbox Game Pass on the same day as their worldwide release, subscribers have been asking for one major feature: pre-loading.

Typically, games offer players the option to pre-load a few days before launch. For some reason, however, games we know will be part of Xbox Game Pass at launch – such as Microsoft-published titled – only become available to download on the day of release."

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Apocalypse Shadow30d ago

Goodness. Can't even wait for the day of release. Got to have it downloaded before hand. When you have a month to play it and are paying a 6th of the retail price. Or in some cases recently, $1.

People need more patience. It's not that serious.

Sirk7x30d ago

Some people have slow internet and it takes days to download a game.

Specter22930d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Preloading is useful for slow internet connections. How dare they wanna play the game when it releases ....

Septic30d ago

Lol I know right? Hilarious

Eidolon30d ago

Uhhhh who wants to play it Day 2 or Day 30(with slow internet)?

lxeasy30d ago

Glad they added this feature

King_Noctis30d ago

Uhh are you seriously complain because we have more feature?

SegaGamer30d ago

It's a nice option to have. I can't believe you would even complain about people wanting this.

Apocalypse Shadow30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Lol! Look at this. Now we going to offer games to preload months in advance too? What's next? A year in advance? Preload for next Gen by downloading the games to an hdd until the new system comes out?

Like I said, it's not that serious. What's the point when you still can't play it. People are no longer patient.

Eidolon30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Because internet speed. Yeah you're talking pricing on Game Pass, but what's the point of it if subscribers are going to be second class citizens for new releases, that's a huge loss on sales, buddy. They're already offering the game day one for GP. Why not a preload..

King_Noctis30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

And like I said, its a choice, an option. If it is not for you, then it is fine and dandy. You don’t have to use it. But you don’t speak for the entire world, especially the third world countries (where I live right now) which have shitty internet connection.

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CarlDechance30d ago

Preloading has been around for a long time. Now it is bad?

iplay1up230d ago

So, what is you damage? It is a good thing. Why wouldn't I want to pre download a game like Horizon 4, pre release? It is a big game. Even a 50 MPS, it takes a long time to download. Games Pass now has over 200 games in its library. Thank you Microsoft!!

rainslacker29d ago

There really is no reason to say this is a bad thing. Pre-loading is great, and gives quicker access to games for those who want to play them. How can that possibly be a bad thing worthy of shaming gamers for being entitled or impatient?

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timotim30d ago

Wow. I have to admit, this is a feature i thought would never make it to GP at all. I thought Microsoft would want to reserve pre-loading for full paying customers as a perk. They are really trying to make GP feel like a premium service.

Kavorklestein30d ago

Gamepass is the BEST gaming service or all time. I love it and this just makes it even more appealing

timotim30d ago

Yeah, I get the sense that Microsoft is saying here that we don't care how you buy in...everyone will get the same great experience regardless. It's interesting.

Eidolon30d ago

"Best gaming service of all time". I wouldn't go that far, but it is as an amazing value.

Darknova207730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

This is a bad bad trend. How many subscriptions are we going need, when publishers start to hold there games back to put on there own subscription models? It's not like Netflix, films can be watched in a couple hours and then you can move on. Game can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I think games will turn into a 2/3 hour experience. Or we will have BR games. This is bad. Don't think this price model will be the same in a year or 2.

PlayableGamez-30d ago

You can make the argument that Netflix TV shows can take anywhere from 13hrs to 100+ hours depending on the length of the show. Which is about the length of a video game. And it's not like gamepass or any subscription model is holding anything exclusive. So, you can continue to purchase games the way you have always done.

caffman30d ago

Thats why crackdown 3 appeared on it today then