Final Fantasy XIII Looks Absolutely Gorgeous In 4K On Xbox One X, Comparison Inside

Here's a comparison for Final Fantasy XIII between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One X version running at 4K resolution.

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DerekTweed29d ago

Just bought this on amazon for like 5 Euro

fiveby929d ago

Just purchased all three in the trilogy used for $15 U.S. Can't go wrong there.

bouzebbal29d ago

Looks great!!!
Pity the game is crappy.

Army_of_Darkness29d ago

Dont matter how gorgeous it is in 4k cause i would never reply it the second time... Forced myself the first time and barely touched the 2 & 3 installment.. Just sitting there collecting dust.

lxeasy29d ago

whoa thats awesome. I love when dev take advantage of the Xbox One X power.

TedCruzsTaint29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Judging by the disagrees, it seems some people on N4G don't like developers taking advantage of the extra power in the X.

I wonder why that would be?

Kyizen29d ago

It's port of the PC assets. I wouldnt say a game from 2009 is using Xbox One X power. Id hope it could do better than that

Army_of_Darkness29d ago

@tedcruz they are disagreeing because they wasted their time improving the visuals of a shitty game rather than a bunch of better deserving games out there.

TedCruzsTaint28d ago


They're disagreeing because they're salty AF lol.

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Kribwalker29d ago

Jeeze that’s amazing. It’s like a free remaster

LegoIsAwesome29d ago

Best feature of Xbox. BC alone is a console seller for me.

Unreal0129d ago

Huh? Why didn't you just get a 360

Kribwalker29d ago


the 360 version was 576p, that’s a huge bump up in resolution, that you’d only get on the X

Unreal0129d ago


You've had that on PC since release. Is the Xbox One X still locked at 30fps?

slate9129d ago


Legendary find. Did you also look at the toxic comment section? Wow lol.

Kribwalker29d ago


Yeah man, that comment section was savage. A buddy of mine sent me that link when we were talking about the freemaster and i couldnt believe it

Septic28d ago

Lol "but why didn't you buy a 360?"

*knowledge dropped*

"but why didn't you buy it on PC?"


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Sm00thNinja29d ago

Unreal your 360 retort is the worst troll comment I've read in awhile. Clearly the Xbox One X version is superior to the 360 version

343_Guilty_Spark29d ago

Itd the definitive console version

TedCruzsTaint29d ago

Xbox offers remasters at no cost.
Sony offers them at a premium.

mkis00729d ago

If you think this is on the level of say Shadow of the colossus you are crazy.

TedCruzsTaint29d ago


There's a difference betweem a remaster, as seen here, and a remake - such as the recent Spyro release.

Difference being, Sony makes you pay for both.

SierraGuy29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

F2P is false advertisement on Xbox live.

Master of Unlocking29d ago

Wé actually pretty much never get any remasters on the PS4...

mkis00728d ago

Hey you are the one saying Sony makes you pay for them...fact is they put a lot more into them than just bumping the resolution and anisotropic filtering.

Since when did Sony acquire the license for Spyro again? You keep attributing 3rd party remasters to Sony. Sony put's in a lot more effort than that.

CrimsonWing6928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Let’s not act like there’s none of those PS4 remasters on the Xbone. Hell, there was the DMC collection remaster which was already on Xbox 360... so why isn’t that one free?

carmelo4328d ago

so i guess onimusha should be free also when that launches? wait so why make a master chief collection

TedCruzsTaint28d ago


I'm going to stop responding to you, being you're too dense to keep up with the conversation, and keep putting words in my mouth. My questions to leave you with, though, is where is the BC offered from Sony? Let alone the updated versions, offered on the simple fact you bought their console?

@carmelo and Crimson

If the updated release wasn't handled by Microsoft, of course, it's going to be for sale. That's a 3rd party product, looking to use Microsoft's system as a means to sell their product. But we have a company in Microsoft, looking to all of these old games, and making modernized versions of them, for free, simply as a thank you for purchasing the console. On the other side, you have Sony, who cut out BC, completely, early last generation, and then released countless remasters that entire generation; throwing everything else, unaltered, up on their online store, for a premium.

mkis00726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Ad Hominem... You have no argument. And you outright lie in what you type.

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annoyedgamer29d ago

Yea thats the selling point of the X. It upconverts everything. I cant afford on but I may get it down the line.

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cigi29d ago

Just waou... This is 4theplayers and for free

Kornholic29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

They have to make up for the lack of exclusives somehow. BC is nothing to get excited about.

agnosticgamer29d ago

You dont think purchasing 7 new studios will do that? With a good possibility of more on the way?

Neonridr29d ago

@Kornholic - *in my opinion

there, fixed that for you.

Kornholic29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Adding "in my opinion" to a sentence is redundant. Unless you are citing a source or quoting somebody, everything you say is "in your opinion."

King_Noctis29d ago

They do have exclusives (3 this years, the same amount as the PS4). And next year more are coming, especially with the acquisition of 7 studios.

People like you just moan and b**** no matter what MS does.

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timotim29d ago

Wow...I might actually pick up the game now. It will get added to the back log, but what else is new...

Matrix629d ago

I'd be beggin like Madcon for a Remaster of the Trilogy.

timotim29d ago

No need to beg...these enhanced versions bump the native resolution up to native 4k...for a game I might already have or can get on the cheap... Ill take that all day long!

Matrix629d ago

You're so correct! Unfortunately, I don't own an Xbox One console. I'll just have to deal with it.