PlayStation Exclusives Dominate The Game Awards 2018

As we approach the end of the year, various game awards ceremonies happen around the world, and the most-awaited games industry awards night, The Game Awards, is steadily approaching. Recently, The Game Awards host, Geoff Keighley, announced the nominees of each category for this year’s game awards. While it’s not entirely a huge surprise, Sony Interactive Entertainment has been through the roof with its first-party games throughout 2018.

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UCForce30d ago

It is and is going to be big one.

UltraNova30d ago

GOW for the win. It deserves it.

bouzebbal30d ago

GOW is mindblowing, especially the side quests.. they nailed everything and i forgive them the lack of enemy variety.

dirkdady30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I'm going to be pretty disappointed if REd dead 2 sweeps all categories. Don't get me wrong it's s good game and really enjoying it a lot right now but it's not knocking my socks off.

solideagle30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

name me 1 game which rebooted the core mechanics of a franchise and made it more populate.

name me 1 game which re-ignited many fellow gamers passion of playing games.

name me 1 game which personally got it me out of single player/modern gaming fatigue.

///////////God of War///////////////

my game of the year and millions will agree with me

kayoss30d ago

I agree with you. But remember Horizon Zero Dawn? Everyone thought that it will win GOTY award but unfortunately, that didnt happen.

DarkHeroZX30d ago


Horizon Zero Dawn honestly just looked amazing. It was fun but nothing felt as fresh or rewarding as GOW. And the delivery for that game was superior to Horzion in every way.

lucian22930d ago

Horizon wasn't that good; God of war yes, but Horizon has a good foundation; just a bad story, lack of enemies; lack of reason to explore. was fun but by the end game it was blah. especially the let down of a final boss.

stupidusername30d ago

Horizon was just another checklist open world game, but with better graphics and enemies than most.

GoW is way better imo.

KwietStorm30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


Everyone thought Horizon would win goty? Who are these people? I loved the game, but it was pretty obvious for months that Zelda was the front runner. People were wetting themselves over that damn game even when it wasn't related to the topic. Either way, God of War hit much much harder than Horizon did, and if they win, I feel they definitely deserve it this year.

Skull52130d ago

"Everyone thought Horizon would win goty? Who are these people? "

The same people in here saying God of War is going to win GotY.

kayoss30d ago

I was talking about GOTY for 2017. Horizon zero dawn was nominated for GOTY for 2017, but it got beat by Zelda. Everyone in 2017 thought that Horizon zero dawn should have won in 2017.

rainslacker30d ago

Ratchet and clank reboot?

Maybe spider man since it wasn't an Activision title this time.

Thundercat7730d ago

Name me 1 game which make you spend more hours on YouTube trying to understand how it works than actually playing it.

Name me 1 game that just with an incorrect movement or button pressed you end up killed or in jail.

Name me 1 game where you fell sleep while going from one point to the other.

////////////Red Dead Redemption 2////////////

Millions will agree with me.

UCForce30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@DarkHeroZX @lucian228 @stupidusername @Skull521 Hold it right there ! You know a Horizon Zero Dawn Story is written by Fallout New Vegas Writer and a lot of people considered the game story was the best one. Horizon Zero Dawn didn’t get awards from VGA but it did get awards from other medias. So please, try to be respectfull than disrespectful person. If God Of War didn’t get awards from VGA 2018, it will get awards from other media’s. Besides, I don’t take VGA seriously.

Spikeantestor30d ago


Not everyone. Breath of the Wild was stiff competition.

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Christopher30d ago

To be honest, third-party titles dominate the awards, not any exclusives.

Sony does have the most nominations for exclusives, but third-party is about 2/3rds of everything there.

Eidolon30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

So say there are 9 variations of colored balls, in a bucket of 10000. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Black, White, Grey. Let blue be Sony; 1/3 is 3333. And the others around 950, lets say equally.. Isn't Blue dominating the other colors? The other colors were pointless, because Sony is dominating.

Christopher29d ago

The onus is on "exclusives" and not colored balls by game/developer/etc., though.

So, third-party titles are essentially the mass of white balls with exclusives littering the bucket, some more than others. We'll go with the typical green MS, blue PS, red Nintendo.

JaguarEvolved30d ago

PlayStation dominates the gaming industry

DarkVoyager30d ago

And that’s a fact. Sony have so many amazing exclusives on hand with more to come. The best has yet to come.

30d ago
Relientk7730d ago

Yeah I think they're going to take home a lot of awards

Babadook730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Remember though that VGAs are one of the least likely to give awards to Sony. Example: The Last of Us was by far the most decorated title for goty awards for its year -actually any year (counting all sources) and even that didn’t get picked for the goty at VGAs. Again this year I don’t expect that trend to break at the VGAs. God of War deserves it though.

CloudStrife90030d ago

They deserve to. PS has been outstanding this gen.

Smokehouse30d ago

Yeah I saw god of war in nearly every category lol. It deserves it, easily my GOTY.

DarXyde30d ago

I think there was maybe one award that it was not nominated in the same category as Red Dead Redemption 2.

I don't mind RDR2 winning awards, but definitely not everything it was nominated for. God of War is highly deserving.

Smokehouse30d ago

I like RDR2 and respect the craft that was put into it but it’s not a game I’m itching to play. I play it for an hour a few times a week. I platinumed GOW in 2 weeks lol. I couldn’t put it down. If RDR2 beats out GOW the only reason would be that it’s multiplat.

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