Fallout 76 Gameplay 4K RTX 2080 Ti

CG writes: Take a look at the opening moment of Fallout 76 gameplay using the ultra pre-set settings and at 4K resolution. We’re using a RTX 2080Ti and highlight the GPU/CPU usage and temps on the top left of the screen.

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T1125P25d ago

Well it would be nice if the game did support ray tracing,

Glak1825d ago

First off, the gamer is pairing a 4790K with a 2080 TI......wut. Worst purchase decision made. Better off upgrading to a 1080 TI and a better CPU than a 2080 TI.

Secondly, why is the video jumping around with 3-5 dropped frames? I even saw drops down to 48 and it still shouldn't jump like that. Either the reason is the video capturing or the CPU bottleneck.

Finally, not a good video to judge performance. Too many doubts, not sure if I should question the hardware or the game.