R-Type Dimensions EX for Switch, PC launches November 28

The September-announced R-Type Dimensions EX will launch for Switch via the Nintendo eShop and PC via Steam on November 28, developer Tozai Games announced. Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page: About The coin-op classics, R-Type and R-Type II, are together on Steam!

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chris23527d ago

aright, no real version then. switch is not an option for gamers and pc.. nah. it is no fun playing such ancient games on a pc. remastered or not. so i guess a big chance to cash in was lost here.

Pekka27d ago

A lot of PC players play old games, I play them regularly. Actually, there are more remastered old games on PC than PS4 and XBox One combined. And they sell a lot more too. Heck, even those new "retro" games are released almost always first on PC and then MAYBE on PS4 and XBox 1. For example, Minecraft was released years later on consoles (graphically Minecraft is retro), after it was popular on PC.

Nicaragua27d ago

I wish this was on PS4, R-type was one of my first loves.

Einhander197126d ago

Rtype still is amazing, a timeless classic. Have the originals and Rtype Leo on my arcade cab.