THQ Nordic Purchased Coffee Stain Studios and Bugbear; Now Has 35 Unannounced Games in Development

THQ Nordic has announced the purchase of Coffee Stain Studios (Deep Rock Galactic) and Bugbear (Wreckfest). They have 35 unannounced projects at the moment.

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DarkVoyager29d ago

Quality > Quanity

Having this many games in development is just asking for trouble.

LucasRuinedChildhood28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

A lot of their games (Metro Exodus, Wreckfest, Darksiders 3, Biomutant, etc) are looking pretty good though.

Ausbo28d ago

Metro exodus isn’t a Nordic game. Developed by 4A games and published by deep silver

Ausbo28d ago

My bad. I forgot they acquired deep silver. You’re right

isarai28d ago

You're thinking in terms of AAA, but THQ Nordic has said themselves they are aiming to fill the void of the mid tier games market. Not to mention they already have quite a few GOOD dev studios under their belt. with lower budget and AAA experienced teams now put on lower pressure mid tier titles this could easily allow for all these studios to work on more than one project at once (hell the Darksiders devs have already said they have been working on a another title since Darksiders III hit alpha)

bmf736428d ago

The mid-tier has kinda fizzled out since THQ originally went under. Warner Bros. grew too big for its own good, Deep Silver was overly-ambitious with their dependency on Saints Row & Dead Island. THQ Nordic NEEDS to be that middle-ground between indie and the big AAA publishers.

NeoGamer23228d ago

There is room in the market for 2nd tier type games. Not every game needs to be a AAA masterpiece with gripping stories and battle royales.

As long as they have enough studios to support releasing a decent game why would gamers not buy games they like.

Glak1828d ago

"2nd tier type games"
"AAA masterpiece"

Not of fan of people assuming AAA means the best games. AAA means how much funding the project gets, that's it...not quality of game. You can assume the game will be great because it costs a lot, but that is not reality.

You can make a movie for a billion dollars, doesn't mean it will be a masterpiece. This is why most people judge the "best looking games" as the "best games" because the huge part of the funding goes into art, which is the easiest, but most time consuming part of the game development.

ccgr28d ago

Hope they're successful!

Aurenar28d ago

THQ Nordic has massive potential.

Blu3_Berry28d ago

I wish THQ Nordic the best of luck. Personally I love their games as they got a bit of quirkiness and doesn't follow most other trends in the gaming industry. Sure, they're not perfect by any means and their games don't scream AAA GOTY, but if anything their games has always been one thing for me personally, and that is fun. I'm excited for Darksiders 3 in the next few weeks as I have it pre-ordered to support them.

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The story is too old to be commented.