Red Dead Redemption II: Overhyped Disappointment Or Serious GOTY Contender?

Players everywhere have been diving deep into the vast wild western world created by Rockstar Games in Red Dead Redemption II, but not everyone seems to be pleased with the experience. Whether the game feels too clunky, mandates too many chore-like activities or nudges the player along at an overbearingly slow pace - the highly anticipated title clearly isn't sitting well with everyone who has played the game. But, do these complaints necessarily push the massively detailed title off the Game of the Year nomination list?

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PoopsMcGee32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Both. lol

UltraNova32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

RDR2 was not a dissapointment as a game, it was flawed but it was a technical achievement through and through. Now if you take RDR2 as the most hyped "game of the gen" that everyone believed it was going to be evolutionary and perfect then yeah, it was far from it and an actual dissapointment only inevitable by the overbearing hype.

Does it deserve GoTY? No it doesn't and in my opinion its GOW that wins this as the most fun and well rounded game of the two.

That said RDR2 will most probably win since its the more popular game.

Movefasta199332d ago

lol n4g playstation insecurity, so what if it wins goty, will you lose sleep over it? Isee your comments and it's obvious that rdr2 winning goty is causing you issues.

UltraNova31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

You get the MSCotY award for not being able to understand that there's nothing more to it when posting your opinion or discussing something just for the sake of discussion and that not all of us are sensitive snowflakes that get triggered/offended by everything.

Edti: Oh! > Most Stupid Comment of the Year (MSCotY) - don't want you to overexert yourself.

ninsigma32d ago

I would say both minus the disappointment part. It certainly was over hyped because it was rdr2 and a rockstar game. But at the same time it is still a very good game and deserves to be in the running for goty.

Mr_Commander32d ago

the game is massively overhyped. game has flaws, a lot of bad old mechanics and old style structure which are outdated.
all and all still pretty good game, but could have been much better. the game had huge potential and they missed it.

smolinsk32d ago

If red dead redemption 2 came out of nowhere it would easily win GOTY, but with all this crazy hype and the weirdest out of this world expectations no game can live up to. The game isolated seen is an amazing accomplishment, yea it has its faults, but every game has that. Don't fool yourselfs it's this years game of the year.

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