Fortnite removes polarizing mechanic in newest update

Epic Games, the creator of one of the most popular games of this generation, Fortnite, which has nearly 80 million monthly players and has shifted the gaming culture as a whole, is backtracking on a recent update amid community backlash.

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Skull52127d ago

Just reading this article made me glad I don't play Fortnite.

qalpha26d ago

The polarizing mechanic is the ability for players to be able to open up their gliders to move about the map as long as they are high enough off the ground.

Xaevi26d ago

even tho the game is so colourful , and cartoony, whenever they add something "crazy" to it it seems it doesnt last long. that or its community doesn't like it and wants it removed

Name Last Name26d ago

Damn, I got used to it already.