PlayStation Store Sale for the Week Is Now Live, Here’s the “Banner-less” Big List of Deals

We didn't see it last week due to the "Double Discount" sale, but this week's PlayStation Store sale is now live and while it doesn't have an official banner, it's a massive list!

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FallenAngel198428d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I feel like getting Shadow of the Tomb Raider for $30

Rimeskeem28d ago

Great puzzles, but not exactly a challenging game unless you play on hardest or second hardest.

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ziggurcat27d ago

It's okay - not as good as the last two, but still worth a play.

kwijgaming28d ago

That's a super long list of games. I don't recall seeing that many things on sale on a normal week in the year, especially without any kind of special banner

excaliburps28d ago

Most of the new games on sale are Square Enix titles.

CorndogBurglar28d ago

We're only a week away from the Black Friday sale. There are bound to be great games for cheap during that.

theshredded28d ago

I have 13 bucks but I'm not so sure about FFX/X-2 HD it looks really old! Looks like I'll wait till FF12 or Nier are priced lower.

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