Sony has Ruined the PlayStation Classic

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Sony's announcement that they were making a micro version of the original PlayStation should have been a slam dunk. Who wouldn't want a mini version of one of the most popular video game consoles of all time, jam-packed with heaping mounds of nostalgia and the ability to experience classic titles on a modern television? However since that announcement the PlayStation Classic has been beset with nothing but bad news and disappointing announcements that have completely destroyed all the hype and excitement that was built and turning it into resettlement and disappointment."

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FallenAngel198426d ago

No DualShock is very appalling

Skull52125d ago

The shame of all these classics is they lack the ability to use old cartridges and discs you already have.

frostypants25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

That would drive up the cost. They also wouldn't be "mini" anymore.

Skull52125d ago

I dunno, Sony used someone elses emulator and ROMs so this thing is really just a plastic housing with an HDMI port, I think since they're charging $100 they could have included a CD-ROM drive.

Lionsguard25d ago

@Skull521 If you're that pissy about it, why not just download the emulator and play on your PC and call it a day?

"Someone else's emulators and roms" LOL.

letsa_go25d ago

Wait, playstation used cartridges??

dantesparda25d ago


And Nintendo used someone elses emulator and ROMs, so stop trolling everything Sony and go b!tch at them.

CarlDechance25d ago (Edited 25d ago ) are such a joke. Cartridges? What?

Skull52125d ago

I was including Nintendo’s classic stuff as well which used cartridges. I think all these machines should have had the ability to play all the games, not just a select few contained on the device. You guys cry way too much when anyone is critical of your precious Sony.

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Lionsguard25d ago (Edited 25d ago )


FallenAngel198425d ago

@ Skull

These mini consoles are too small to use those physical formats

SwampthingsSon24d ago

“That would drive up the cost. They also wouldn't be "mini" anymore.“

@frostypants: They can easily recreate older, much cheaper tech and make it slightly bigger to hold the CD at a very inexpensive price. They just don’t want to put the effort into it.

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PhoenixUp26d ago

“While I don’t disagree with that, it doesn’t help the perception that the PlayStation Classic has of being a rushed product that only exists to pad a light holiday lineup for Sony.”

Lolwut? You really saying PlayStation has a light holiday lineup?

WilliamSheridan25d ago

What releases does it have this holiday?

neutralgamer199225d ago


show me a year where sony release so many games around this time of the year? they are smart to release their games when there isn't much competition. Spiderman ps4 bundle will be the best selling gaming item of 2018 holiday season

xX-oldboy-Xx24d ago

Sony NEVER releases their big titles around Christmas - they give their 3rd parties a little breathing room. There's a certain company that likes to release their 'big' titles around Christmas. So they can have their 'Biggest holiday lineup EVER!' - doesn't help them though lol.

bignosepig24d ago

"@neutralgamer1992Spiderm an ps4 bundle will be the best selling gaming item of 2018 holiday season" it won't even be in the top ten bud, keep dreaming.

Shiken25d ago

Sony does have a light holiday line up. Some of their 3rd parties are the ones putting out the major releases though.

One might call that a smart business decision though. Why should all big games for a console come out at the same time? It hurts the game's sales as well as our wallets.

Imalwaysright25d ago

Days Gone had originally a 2018 release date and was most likely their game for the holiday season. Thinking about it now Sony should be applauded for giving Bend more time to polish their game and the game clearly needed it. If it were other publishers they would most likely "force" their studio to release the game to take advantage of the holiday season rush at the expense of its quality.

Shiken25d ago

I agree, and honestly the timing is better. It would have been eaten alive by Red Dead 2 and othwr more anticipated titles this holiday. An IP like Days Gone, being new with so so expectations, will do much better in April IMO.

I personally am excited for it, but there are many who are not. Now it has a chance to prove them all wrong.

CarlDechance25d ago


Days Gone release date for 2018 was announced.....when?

CarlDechance25d ago


Disregard. My dates were screwed up.

rainslacker25d ago

This whole year has been packed with games from many publishers. I'm willing to forgive them for a "light" holiday lineup, since they have released quite a few good games throughout the year.

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pcz25d ago

some people simply don't understand what the mini consoles are about.

they say ridiculous things like 'it doesn't even have web access' or 'can I use my memory cards on it' or 'can I play my old ps1 games on it' ...

no, idiot, it is not a relaunch of the ps1, its just a 'cool' collectable item for gamers. its not literally a mini playstation.

PhoenixUp25d ago

@ William

Really? You think PlayStation gamers are at a loss for new titles to enjoy?

porkChop25d ago

That's not what they said at all. He was pointing out that Sony doesn't have much of a holiday lineup. It's all 3rd party. There are obviously great games releasing for PS4, no one's denying that, but Sony isn't releasing any. Spiderman released in the Fall, so that doesn't even count as a Holiday release.

CarlDechance25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Fall lineup extends into the Holidays. What? You guys DON'T think Spider-man on PS4 will have any impact on the holidays? Are you serious?

Stop catering to clickbait bullshit because it fits with your agenda.

porkChop25d ago


"You guys DON'T think Spider-man on PS4 will have any impact on the holidays?"

Literally no one said that. It just isn't part of the holiday lineup, it released in early September. God of War will probably sell a bunch during the holidays too, but that doesn't make it a holiday title.

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Apocalypse Shadow25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I'm looking at that game list and I see nothing wrong with it. That is a good selection of games to choose from. It's just some are being picky on what they THINK should have been added to the collection. Same with Sega's. Same with Nintendo. Same with Atari. No matter what games they chose, it still would not have pleased everybody.

As for the controller, yeah. That's poor judgement on Sony's part. Being that the dual shock had a D-pad, that would have given gamers a choice between it and an analog stick.

But if you're looking to play old games, just buy a PS2 slim off of eBay. They're usually less than $100 and you have a choice of PS1 and PS2 games to play. Your can even choose what games you prefer on it and buy them. Or, track down a PS3 fat. That's cheap too but gives you huge choices.

rainslacker25d ago

There's also the PSTV if one doesn't have physical discs to think about, and just wants digital games. You can even use a DS4 on it. If one really wanted to, they could track down one of the PSP games which could connect to a TV as well.

There is no lack of syatems available to play PS1 games, but people seem to want this system to be much more than it is.

There are a few games on the list which leave me scratching my head, but I can see why they'd put some of them on there, as some of them defined the PS system at different points during the generation.

Otherwise, this is a nostalgia system, not a full console release. It's a neat collectible, and something for impulse buyers to give as gifts during the holidays. But, there seems to be some great expectations that constantly get put on Sony, instead of just recognizing that some of the things they do just aren't for our little section of the gaming market.

Silly gameAr25d ago

Those are classic games. I don't know what people are expecting from this thing. It's a small collectors item that you either buy or you don't. Don't make it bigger than it really is, and you won't be disappointed.

Orionsangel25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

For 100 dollars they were expecting...

Symphony of the Night
Tomb Raider
Gran Turismo
Crash Bandicoot
Silent Hill
Ape Escape

Dualshock Controllers

Better menu screen

This garbage was uninspired. It's a Sony cash grab.

2pacalypsenow25d ago

Dont forget, remakes of every game in native 4k with crossplay and 60fps.

monkeyfox25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I think you're right. Your list minus maybe tomb raider, which looks like absolute crap now, would've made this a must have item this Christmas.

If it can be easily hacked to accept all roms though, we should be good.

Silly gameAr25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Well, It seems like it's more of a litttle collectors item, and people are treating it like it's supposed to be a new console launch or something.

Well, it gives people a new reason to criticise, so I hope they have fun with that. It's something I can take or leave myself honestly, but I guess just because I feel that way, I shouldn't expect others to feel the same way.

frostypants25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

You want two $30-40 controllers packed in with a $100 system? Get real. Go build your own mini PS1 with a Raspberry Pi (plus case and power switch) and two genuine Dualshock controllers and let me know how much you spend. Hell, even with one controller, you're looking at at least $80. Granted, it would play more games, if you don't mind stealing. But from a hardware perspective, Sony is offering exactly what I'd expect for $100 with this thing.

Yes, it's a cash grab. So are Nintendo's mini efforts. You think they weren't done to make money? This mini system fad as a whole is silly to me.

I agree the game list kinda sucks but that's licensing for ya. I'm not gonna buy it. But the complaints about the controllers are detached from reality.

1-pwnsause-125d ago (Edited 25d ago )

ontop of DS1s, it shouldve allowed PSN support... you know to buy PS1 games off the store... hell maybe be able to download the PS1 games you preveously owned on PSN....

King_Noctis25d ago


Get real. A Dualshock 1 controller cost only $15 on amazon. It is not that expensive to bundle it with the console.

Plus, there is nothing wrong with people wanting more value for their money.

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letsa_go25d ago

I never owned a playstation, I was an N64 guy... so all these games are new to me. I am building PS1 collection, what are the must have games??

1-pwnsause-125d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Pretty much every Final Fantasy Game, metal gear to start, thats like standard already...its not playstation if you dont have those games

-Every Resident evil game (make sure they're the dual shock ver)
-Bushido Blade 1 & 2
-Tekken 2
-Syphon Filter
-Parasite Eve 1 and 2
-Bloody Roar
-Twisted Metal
-Ridge Racer Type 4
-Ace Combat 3 (Japanese Version since Namco released half a game in the "International edition")
-Legend of Dragoon
-Tomb Raider Games
-Wild Arms
-Gundam Battle Assault 2(Thats just me, i have a soft spot for that game)
-Chrono Trigger (although it was on the snes, but it had anime cut scenes which sorta enchanced the game

I was an N64 guy that Gen as well, then i switched to PS2 the gen after that after seeing the games the Platform was getting, after that i had to jump back to PS1 to see what I missed out

thats why looking at the this PS1 classic system, sony should be ashamed with releasing this trash....

Atom66625d ago

Add Symphony of the Night, SF Alpha 3, Legacy of Kain, and Parappa to pwnsauce's great list.

rainslacker25d ago

Wow...that'd be a huge list.

Beyond what people do talk about, I might suggest looking for bundles of games on Ebay or something to get a bunch of them, then just keep adding to them. Resell duplicates in your own bundle, then use the money to focus on some quality titles that you may not see in these bundles. There are a lot of good deals out there if you are patient, and metacritic tends to be pretty good for getting accurate review scores from back then because the reviews weren't as crappy as they are now, and came from mostly respectable publications.

ARESWARLORD25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I agree 100% as a Sony fan. I hope they see what they've been doing to their fans. I'm definitely losing some love and thinking about going PC fully


Unreal0125d ago

Do it. PC for the best version of multi-platform games, and PS4 for the exclusives.

2pacalypsenow25d ago

When Nintendo does it, its Nostalgia.

When Sony doers it, it's greed.


Atom66625d ago

You seriously should check out any of the numerous previews on Youtube. Single save states, barebone menus, no borders, no filters, no instructions...It's as half assed as they come.

No one is hating the idea. Many of us were legitimately excited. But when you follow in your competitor's footsteps and can't even make it look like you tried AND charge more, you deserve the ridicule.

King_Noctis25d ago

Except Nintendo did the classic console much better than Sony. Not a criticism of course, just hope Sony can improve on it.

Goldby25d ago

wait, because of a collectors item, that's only purpose is nostalgia, your gonna switch...

why not just not but it?