It Would Take 120 to 225 Hours of Grinding to Obtain All the For Honor DLC Heroes

If you want to obtain all the For Honor DLC heroes without spending a cent, you'll need to grind for 120 to 225 hours of actual game time to collect enough steel to get them all.

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traumadisaster33d ago

Is this better than it used to be? I've watched from a distance and eventually want to play this when it's in a good state.

chris23533d ago

so what? for kids and unemployed persons this is just one week of busy-ness.

Bluemaster7733d ago

This game is an unbalanced mess, its best played on PC

PapaBop33d ago

What makes it best on PC? The last I checked, the PC was struggling population wise.

Bluemaster7733d ago

It's a-lot more technically sound. Higher frame rate being the most impactful of the feature set. In a game like this it goes a long way. 30fps simply isn't ideal for a "fighter" like this.

Any game that requires precise reactions don't perform well in 30fps caps.

D3TH_D33LR33d ago

That really isn’t much. if you’re a big enough fan you’re going to be putting in this time anyways.

Opinionatedlovesme33d ago

And I did over a few months! 200 hours is nothing for such a deep multiplayer game.

raWfodog33d ago

Exactly. Everyone doesn't want to rush through a game in a few days. If you enjoy your time with a game, it doesn't feel like a grind and the time you spend on it just flies by.

Bluemaster7733d ago

You guys are sorely missing the point. 200+ hours is obnoxious just to unlock characters, this isnt additional content, you're literally just trying to level the playing field when it comes to access to roster.

This time commitment doesn't even include the grind for gear.