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PowerUp! - We will be providing a rolling review of Fallout 76 over the next few days.

"Fallout 76 does not get off to a great start.

Unable or perhaps unwilling to fully commit to either a single or multiplayer experience the game is trapped in a strange middle ground. Whether played solo or with a group of friends rarely does Fallout 76 actually provide a memorable experience. "

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TheEroica27d ago

Sounds like they really enjoyed the game on day 1...

GHOSTxx42027d ago

Sounds like ill save my $60 and just continue to play fallout 4 from time to time

UltraNova27d ago

Sounds like the latest Fallout game is average for about 76 minutes, then it gets worse.

rdgneoz327d ago

Sounds like they made crafting (especially in groups) so much fun...

"Say you find a weapons workbench and craft an awesome hunting rifle, but you have no ammo for it. You have plenty of gunpowder to craft it, but there are no Tinker Workbenches anywhere around, so you’re simply unable to craft any ammo.

The same goes for armour, medicine and food. By restricting certain items to certain workbenches, Fallout 76 is an exercise in frustration. Even worse is that when another player is crafting, you’re unable to do so. My group and I spent ages standing around, waiting for each other to finish crafting. That’s not a fun experience, let me tell you."

Also fun with groups: "When playing in a group, each and every member of your group has to perform each and every task in each and every quest to complete it.

Never mind that I already looked at that terminal and got the information. Nope, your other teammates have to do the same thing or they won’t be able to continue the questline and find out where the next holotape is."

Hopefully the make some improvements soon to make group play more fun and less tedious, as well as some overall QoL changes .

Braxmapoutras27d ago

More like ,seems like Bethesda put a lot of effort into this "game".....the reviewer painted a very good picture of what the game is like you be the judge if it's worth your money and time ....

chris23527d ago

fallout4 alread failed bigtime to provide a memorable experience. so it is beyond me how this one is even considered by people to be purchased. every sold unt will be screaming „we want more of such crap“.

warriorcase27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Just played a bit tonight. Seems fine so far as being a Fallout coop game with friends, but the second a group come up that want to pvp it goes to shit.

They said they wanted this weird anti griefing system nit you just get people that can kill you very slowly following you amd then if you do tale someone out it just spawns them very close by so it just starts all over again. I had to defend this base in PVP and it was a nightmare. I defeated the invader amd then they were bacl 15 seconds later with full health, it's pointless.

If they can fix that and decide what they want to do instead of this weird down the middle broken system then it might be ok for a bit of fun with friends.

jocomat927d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Dont know if your serious but theres an option to turn pacifist mode on where u can't get hurt or hurt other players.... played for a few hours and had memorable time. Losing sleep to get back on it.

UnHoly_One27d ago

Pacifist mode only makes it so you can't damage other players.

They can still damage you.

warriorcase27d ago

Im serious. Pacifist mode jist stops you from from accidentally hurting anyone. I had it on when I entered that Pvp base fight but forgot about it. At the start I was getting damaged quiet a bit but couldn't do damage, had to tale cover and go into the options to turn it off just to fight back.

Gaglaush27d ago

So they just reviewed the B.E.T.A........awesome

vork7727d ago

the beta is the full game