Tetris Effect Willfully Snubbed For Game Awards Nomination

Phil from Handsome Phantom thinks that Tetris Effect was snubbed in The Game Awards nomination process and says, "Talk to anyone who has played Tetris Effect and they’ll all tell you the same thing - “make sure you wear headphones when you play.” Why is this the first thing that comes to mind? Because the sound design is so euphorically mind blowing that experiencing the game any other way is basically a sin. So why was the game snubbed in every sound category nomination for The Game Awards? Your guess is as good as ours."

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lptmg34d ago

to be honest, not only Tetris Effect got snubbed. Astro Bot also deserved a nod. I have absolutely no idea what Blops4 did to deserve the nod and while I loved Spider-Man, what did it do regarding sound design that was so special? I mean besides the voice acting clips depending on Pete's stamina.

PhantomS4234d ago

Listen closely to the music when you are swinging around. It builds up, slows down depending on how fast you are going. Even jumping from a large tower the music will slowly build and take off when you shoot off that first web. It's amazing.

Eonjay34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Didn't both games get a nod for best VR game of the year?
Best VR/AR Game

Astro Bot Rescue Mission
Beat Saber
Firewall Zero Hour
Tetris Effect

So it didn't get completely snubbed.

DaGreatDennis34d ago

The article explains it is talking about sound design/soundtrack

PhantomS4234d ago

Game awards shouldn't happen until the end of January. Tetris got snubbed but there are dozens of games that don't even get considered because of their date.

SickSinceSix34d ago

My guess is they have the awards in early December, to try drive up game sales for the winning games leading up to Xmas.

PhantomS4234d ago

I doubt the awards really make that much of a difference in sales. Certain spike sales because they usually will give digital deals (probably the only good thing of the awards).

I watch at this point to laugh and make fun of how terribly mismanaged Geoff Keighly sets up the awards.

Einhander197134d ago

The best games usually do, the sheep just follow and buy the same shit year in year out.