Red Dead Redemption 2 KKK Locations: Here's All Three Locations in the Game Marked in the Map

Here's where to find the KKK in Red Dead Redemption 2, marked on the map and what specific time of the day they'll appear. Complete step-by-step guide. Arthur has unique dialogue for hunting them down.

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NoWayOut30d ago

Aww man I'm about to have some fun...

Cmv3830d ago

The kkk gave you down votes lol

NoWayOut30d ago

Lmao!!! Oh yeah, its plenty on this site too

Sm00thNinja30d ago

I listened to their sermon and then rained down fire bottles on their camp. It was extremely satisfying. Arthur's comments after made me pretty happy. What a great protagonist he is.

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Cmv3830d ago

Now this is the info I needed. Time to put that pump action shotgun to good use.

UltraNova30d ago

The pump takes real good ;-)

TedCruzsTaint30d ago

They're not exactly hidden.
Just follow the tiki torches.

Nodoze30d ago

I threw the guy into the burning cross after beating him about the head (he started it). The robes were aflame and I watched him burn. :)

atx130d ago

I did the exact same 😆

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