Diablo 3 Update Version 1.01 Is Out Today For Nintendo Switch; Here's What It Does

Diablo 3 has received a new update today for the Nintendo Switch. Here's what is fixed or changed in this update.

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CerebralTiger26d ago

Definitely interested in trying out the Switch port at some point.

OtterX26d ago

Same here. I just picked up a Switch about 2 weeks ago. (loving it!) I already Platinumed Diablo III on PS4 2 1/2 years ago, but I could still see myself playing this a lot in handheld mode. Useful for me because I travel and am on the go often. I'm not as interested in playing it on the TV though, already had enough of that. Maybe a little.

I'm going to wait until it hits a sale, 39.99 or less. 59.99 feels too steep.

Gemmol26d ago

Beside black Friday i doubt the price drop in the playstation store its the same price

If you get physical you can get it cheaper for ps4, but if you digital all day like me no choice but to get the 60

OtterX26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

@Gemmol I never said I'm getting it anytime soon. Some day in the future. Like I said, I have it on PS4. It's just a thought for the future if I ever see it on sale.

Heck, I could have gotten it free this last weekend. Where I live now in Portugal, our electronics store FNAC was running a But 2 get 1 Free on all new games last weekend. A Flash Sale they called it. I used it to get Mario Odyssey, Zelda BotW and Mario Kart 8 though.

I actually got the Switch on an early Black Friday sale at Toys'r'Us (yes, we still have them here) called a Black Weekend for €249.99. Decided now was the time to pick one up, we're headed to the States in Dec and I can't wait to play it on the friggin' long flight!

*My Nintendo account is American (since I'm an expat), so I buy from there for digital purchases. I've done that a lot on my PSN. If I see a good deal here though, I'm on it.

Kosic26d ago

Most annoying thing about the switch copy is the motion controls. Flick the joy con and it rolls the character.

Finished a rift hit teleport back home. Put down the joycon to grab my drink and my character rolls, cancelling the teleport home. No option to disable. Same with vibration. Had to fully disable vibration via switch settings.

MeteorPanda26d ago

thats interesting - l would prolly play with a pro controller so l wonder what'll that be like >.>

Kosic26d ago

May just be a joy con thing. I play with the tablet on one of those tablet bed arms and free hand the cons. So a quick sudden movement ends up in the character rolling.