Another BioShock Game Could Jeopardize the Series

It has been over a decade since we were shown the beautiful and horrific corpse of the dystopian metropolis Rapture in Bioshock. Three years later, we returned to Rapture in BioShock 2, to once aga…

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Skull521568d ago

The second and third games were far worse than the original so I'm not sure another one is jeopardizing anything.

Neonridr567d ago

second maybe.. but the third was a good game. Maybe not as good as the first one, but still a really well done game.

ziggurcat567d ago

I think what made 2 so derided was the shoehorned MP mode. There was no real reason to have it in the game, and it probably detracted from the single player campaign a little bit.

It also didn't really seem to jive with the sort-of trailer for the second game they had inserted at the end of the first one.

rainslacker567d ago

third game is different than the first two, and a really well made game,. I don't compare the third to the first two, like I do the 2nd to the 3rd.

I thought the first was better, but I think the 2nd made a better emotional attachment to the character. Game play was more fluid in the 2nd than the 1st though.

Neonridr566d ago

@rainslacker - yeah I just didn't get that grand story feel like I did with the 1st and 3rd ones. They were VERY well written. The first Bioshock is probably one of my favorite games in terms of just story. I absolutely adored the setting of Rapture.

-Foxtrot568d ago

“If they don’t visit either Rapture or Columbia, then where else are we going to go? They can’t make another underwater city or floating metropolis, so I don’t know if they can do any other setting”


“There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a city”

Just because two worlds, the main world, Columbia, which burst into some many altered possibilities tied in with another world, Rapture where the overall Booker/Elizabeth story ended doesn’t mean it’s finished completely. That story has split into a multiverse of different possibilities so a new game can do anything with any time period after the year Booker was baptised anyway since that decision is what made Comstock and set everything in motion splitting up in altered universes.

A city on a secret Island
Built around a Volcano
Underground near the Earths core
North Pole
Space station
On the moon
On Mars
In a pocket dimension
On the side of some cliffs
On regular land but invisible (like Wakanda)
Hidden within the rain Forrest
Is actually El Dorado
Is actually Atlantis
Is actually the city of Ubar
...So on

They could tell so many stories with new themes, different powers, technology and city architecture.

NecrumOddBoy567d ago

I would love to see something with trains in a steampunk western mountain range

rainslacker567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

They made Elizabeth into a sort of pivotal character to both universes, which seems like it could cause problems with the lore going forward given that she was going around getting rid of all the incarnations of Comstock, who wasn't even part of Rapture outside of Booker going there, which in itself didn't make sense because of the time frames of both games being separated by a whole 50 years.. Columbia and Rapture really had no connection to one another, and they sort of forced that into the third near the end. It made practically no sense in Buried at Sea, and seemed more about fan service, than actual narrative consistency.

The only real connection was thematic, and not really story based, and the themes were only about the game play, and not so much the philosophical nature of the content.

That said, I loved all three games, and yeah, I agree, there are plenty of places the game could take place, as the setting itself isn't as important to what's going on in that setting. It's more about extremism wanting to separate itself from society, and what that can bring, because people are people no matter what their beliefs.

Neonridr566d ago

The whole idea of the Rapture visit during Infinite was to show you that there were multiple dimensions. The whole statement there is always a lighthouse, always a man, always a city reflects that. Basically Parallel worlds, all created based on different choices. Choices which are thrust in your face every time you bump into those people who flip the coins. It's suggested that Comstock, instead of going up into the sky to build Columbia, went down to build Rapture instead in a parallel world. Obviously nothing is concrete but there are a lot of similarities between the characters of Rapture and Columbia.

It's an interesting theory to dig through..

rainslacker566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

Yeah, but parallel worlds that don't actually line up with normal time lines didn't really make sense. The problem is that the two worlds were separated by about 30 years from one another, so Booker would have been really young. Its been a while since i played Burial at Sea, but I don't recall them ever implying that Comstock was responsible for building it. Booker was just a PI investigating something there.

ziggurcat567d ago

I would not be disappointed with another Bioshock announcement.

tdogg567d ago

Loved Bioshock 1 & 2 and infinite was ok but not like the first 2 installment something about the sea and little sisters that made me love the first 2 Bioshock games

Sonyslave3567d ago

Agree I just got done beating 2 and it was a great game dont know why people were saying it was a bad game.

rainslacker567d ago

My biggest gripe about Infinite was there was nothing akin to the Big Daddy. Even when you played as a Big Daddy in 2, they had Big Sisters, and more antagonists to the Big Daddy themselves. The Songbird was nowhere near the same thing as a Big Daddy, and didn't really instill the same kind of feelings, probably because there was only one, and until the end of the game, it was used more as a set piece than an enemy to fight.

Shiken567d ago

Another Bioshock game could jeopardize the franchise...

No new Bioshock means the franchise is dead...

If something is dead then there is nothing jeopardize...

If there is nothing to risk jeopardizing, there is nothing to gain...

If there is something to risk, then the IP lives...

Take a risk, save a life.

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