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lxeasy35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

OK how is destiny 2 nominated for best action game.....
no man sky got nominated for "best on going game" they had one dlc.....

TGGJustin35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Wrong. No Man's Sky has been getting constant updates for weeks even after that huge summer update. It def deserves to be up for best ongoing game. Also the Forsaken expansion fixed most of Destiny 2's problems and there are few shooters that feel better to play than Destiny. That is why it is up for it.

lxeasy35d ago

No man sky added a bunch of stuff just like sea of thieves. yet that ain't up there/ There are way more deserving games than destiny and no man sky up there

Babadook735d ago

Would have liked Astro Bot to get nominated as GOTY. It’s higher rated than several nominations.

Skull52135d ago

Rockstar made all of the other developers look like scrubs this year, should just give Red Dead all the awards. Probably the only game this whole generation that felt like a next generation game and not the same stuff we got in the X360/PS3 era.

TGGJustin35d ago

@Ixeasy SoT has barely added any actual content to the game since launch. It's mostly short events with pointless cosmetic items. No Man's Sky has drastically changed over the years and has added far more meaningful content.

DarkVoyager35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


“Rockstar made all of the other developers look like scrubs this year, should just give Red Dead all the awards. Probably the only game this whole generation that felt like a next generation game and not the same stuff we got in the X360/PS3 era”

God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn also felt amazing and I’m sure that The Last of Us: Part 2 will be one of the best games this generation.

CarlDechance35d ago

Skull521's definition of GOTY is anything but a PS4 exclusive. Entirely because Xbox doesn't even have anything on the list.

UCForce35d ago

@Skull521 You are definitely getting cocky. Every games deserves awards.

Sunny_D35d ago


You mean Red dead Redemption 2, the game with the slow reacting and cumbersome controls that we’ve had since GTA 4, GTA 5 and RDR1 from the 360/PS3 era? That game? Lmao

Why o why35d ago

So stated above, anything but a ps exclusive. I enjoy watching the salty try their hardest downplay efforts much better than what their favoured console could muster. Please continue

DarXyde35d ago

Skull521 and their thinly veiled trolling. You claim it's the only game that feels like a "[current] gen experience", meanwhile there are games on PSOne with less input lag. Go figure.

That aside, I feel that God of War deserves genuinely some awards. My personal game of the year: soundtrack, narrative, voice acting, design, and gameplay. It really delivered.

Skull52135d ago

Should hand out shame awards too since games are starting to get bad

Most buggy
Most fans lost in a series
Worst microtansactions
Least content for your money
Most blatant rip off
Most patches released in a quarter

Ceaser985736135d ago

Ignore Skull He is genuinely butthurt as always that GOW Spiderman has got a lot of nomination and Xbox has only one Forza lol!
I am enjoying the amount of butthurt these Xbox fanboys get..

Red dead 2 will win GOTY imo but I will be happy if either GOW or Red dead 2 win. Both Game of the Generation... Spiderman Was good too.. So was AC Ody...

rainslacker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


I've only played about half the games on the GOTY nomination list, and I know at least half of those have no real chance of winning, but for the ones I have played, RDR2 is actually at the bottom of the list for actually being fun. In fact, that's true when you include almost all the other games I've played this year that weren't included from this list, and some of them weren't amazing games to begin with.

RDR2 is quite an impressive feat in terms of technical achievement, detail, and interaction, but it's just not a fun game. It's not even really all that thought provoking or special enough outside its technical achievement which is just really putting together a bunch of stuff that's been done before all into one package that works well together. People said Horizon and Spider-Man weren't innovative, and I have to say that RDR2 isn't that innovative either....just big. Not that many of the games on that list I've played were overly innovative, just that RDR2 is getting a lot more credit than it deserves.

UltraNova34d ago

It has to be GOW for me hands down for GotY. RDR 2 while a tremendous technical feat, unequaled by a mile actually, its just less fun and flawed where it matters most, game play; whereas GOW is both fun and nearly flawless in every measurable way.

Now the awards are as political as they can get so I expect RDR2 to get most awards, including GotY but in my heart and I know in most gamers too, GOW will be the true winner.

Gaming10134d ago

Skull251 is the little asshole who said Stan Lee doesn't belong on a gamer website, even though he's been featured in games including the original PS1 Spiderman games, so his opinion from now on doesn't count.

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gamer780435d ago (Edited 35d ago )

don't go into the game awards show looking for games that really deserve awards, just go for fun and seeing what new reveals they have.

if you look at the list crazy stuff is put in there, life is strange episode 1 for best narrative? The dialogue is terrible and its one big campaign for the left political agenda pushing white men as racists or if they aren't they are a blogger and protester for the left...

_FantasmA_35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

There's always that snowflake that refuses to talk about racism. White people are the most racist of all the people, just look at the world's history for example. America was built on racism and it never went away. Racism is alive and well. Everyday there's a photos trending online of some racist jackasses doing stupid shiit claiming free speech. Or there's a shooting. Or both. Being aware of this fact and being a concerned American is not a thing of the left. Are you saying white men aren't racists? Not all of them. But there are alot!

Anybody can be racist and I've met racist people in every race in my life so far. Maybe try seeing the world from someone else's perspective before crying reverses racism because someone made a game that mirrors real life. There are racist white guys, why is showing that in a game or other media "pushing an agenda?" Because it's the truth? Because it makes you uncomfortable? Too bad. You don't fix problems by denying they exist.

gamer780435d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@_FantasmA_ I can't read the rest of what you wrote, its inherently racist to say that "white(or any ethnicity) people are the most racist". Its stereotyping. Thats basically what life is strange 2 episode 1 did but in a more subtle manner and undermined their credibility and storytelling.

rainslacker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Have to agree. Can't have a best narrative award for an episodic game where the narrative barely even got started. If this wasn't a sequel to a highly respected game, it wouldn't be on that list. And I think the same would go for RDR2.


The most racist people I know are ineffectual idiots. Their skin color is inconsequential, and varied, because those that are racist, aren't more racist than others, and generalizing a particular group as "most racist", in itself is racist stereotyping.

I don't care what some individuals did throughout history, or how it may have been condoned by the society of the time which may have been predominately one race. I always judge people as individuals, and groups to a lesser extent based on their established beliefs. but to my knowledge, no race as a whole condones racism any more than another.

Being aware of historical "facts", even if those facts are also a rather wide sweeping generalization of people's personal beliefs, does not make any group any more racist than the other. It just makes you looking for someone to ridicule because of their race. I could point to all sorts of anecdotal evidence of any person, of any race doing something with racist intent, but its racist to assume that that evidence somehow supports the notion that it applies to an entire group of people...particularly groups of people that are scattered all over the world, and exist with hundreds of cultures behind them.

I asked a Russian friend of mine if Racism was a problem in relation to black people. He said, "No, there are no black people in Russia". Obviously a grand exaggeration on the black population, but his point was sound, and their discrimination towards others tends to be for cultural or political reasons, and not skin color.

Gaming10134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Fantasma, there is actual data on who is the most racist. It turns out Jordan and India are the most racist towards anyone who isn't like them. Nothern Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are by far the least racist, and they're mostly white. Africa and Asia in general are extremely racist, so you can shut up with the "White people are most racist" bullshit. As can be seen on the following map of the world ranked by racism:

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uth1135d ago

NMS has had 5 named updates, two this year (Next and Abyss), plus all the weekly micro content updates threy did between Next and Abyss

warriorcase35d ago

NMS has had like 4 large DLC updates over the years and destiny 2 got a lot of good grace from the Forsaken expansion.

Doesn't mean you have to like it but that's what it is.

Sappi34d ago

How come god of war is not action game? How come there was no most disappointing game? Or best fps? Did I miss something.. And in general - hi I made this and yoi gonna vote to make sure I'm getting rich... Really disappointed.

milohighclub34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

No mans sky has had 4/5 massive content updates as well as weekly updates since summer.
Nms not only deserves to be there but deserves to win its category.

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-Foxtrot35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I'd like to see God of War nab Game of the Year but it's going to go to Red Dead Redemption II...both of enjoyable and well made games but I had more issues with Red Dead then God of War and this is coming from someone who didn't know what to make of the direction in God of War before playing it.

Have to say there's a lot of eSports categories which could have been better non esport ones and I'm not sure what to make of the Favourite Moment of 2017 category...that year passed, move on.

TGGJustin35d ago

God of War deserves it more over RDR2. It's a game that has pretty much no flaws while RDR2 is flawed in the controls, pacing, missions design and more.

-Foxtrot35d ago

Yeah I know, I mean that's not saying a game can be dead on perfect, there were a few smaller nitpicky things in God of War I "could" mention but the ones in Red Dead Redemption II were just literally in your face the moment you stepped into Chapter 1. The kind of issues you compare with the onslaught of amazing, perfect reviews, ones even surpassing God of War and you are like "Wait...What?".

It's hard to criticize because it's a good game but when reviewers are making out it's SOOOO good you need to then call them out for not mentioning any of the issues but because you get so wrapped up in calling the issues out people think you hate the game and are trying to say it's shit...however its not like that. It's a station where you need to watch where you step incase people take you the wrong way. Plus it's made even worse when God of War is a Sony/Playstation exclusive so it then comes off as being a "fanboy" and wanting "your chosen side" win something. It goes on and on.

Red Dead Redemption II has glaring issues and the fact hardly ANY of these golden reviews mentioned a single thing is disturbing because it allows Rockstar to get away with it. If they win Game of the Year then it's basically icing on the cake.

At the end of the day I prefer the first Red Dead Redemption, the story, characters, controls, stranger missions, world, gameplay and the like were better. Sometimes being too real can really impact the overall fun and no it's not me being "boring" or me being so into those "big full on action games" where I have a "short attention span" it's just a game which has issues which could have been handled differently. I mean if Red Dead Redemption II had the classic weapon wheel where every gun was at your disposable off the horse would that have really impacted the score? What about if somehow Arthur could carry more pelts/skins despite being huge animals? Animations for looting/skinning being shorter? None of that would have impacted the scores especially if they ignored the main issues the game had. They just become an inconvenience.

The 10th Rider35d ago


I think people were too dazzled by the attention to detail in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 that they overlooked a lot of the flaws. The impressiveness of the entire world is absolutely incredibly impressive, but from a gameplay standpoint it definitely falls short of what reviews would lead people to believe.

RDR2 is still a great game, but God of War is definitely better and totally deserves GOTY this year.

Jinger35d ago

GoW has plenty of flaws, but to each his own.

-Foxtrot35d ago


I mean I did say...

"I mean that's not saying a game can be dead on perfect, there were a few smaller nitpicky things in God of War I "could" mention"

DarkVoyager35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


“GoW has plenty of flaws, but to each his own.”

Coming from an Xbox fan. Don’t get me started on Xbox One exclusives.

No game is without flaws but Sony exclusives put Xbox exclusives to shame.

neutralgamer199235d ago


Watch the review skillup did for RDR2 and its on point. He mentions how the great things in RDR2 is making everyone overall very obvious flaws

DevilHunterDante35d ago

@TGG RDR2 had way better story, characters and music.

UCForce35d ago

@Jinger I don’t think so. As much I love Red Dead Redemption 2, God Of War is definitely GOTY.

TGGJustin35d ago

@neutralgamer1992 I watched his review and he said he still enjoyed it despite the issues it has. That is true but I guarantee you Skill Up gives his GOTY to God of War watch and see. He was far more positive overall on it than he was on RDR2.

andibandit34d ago

How does DarkVoyager have 18 agrees and 4 disagrees.

Up until he commented this thread was about GoW vs RDR2, and he tries to degenerate the discussion into a MS vs Sony discussion, and he gets applauded for that??.

beulahland34d ago

@DarkVoyager it seems you are the sensbile one here, not Jinger. Chill, kid, your beloved Sony won't suddenly DIEEEEE because someone didn't like your precious game.

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bluefox75535d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah, I feel like God of War is going to get seriously snubbed. I'm enjoying RDR2, but God of War just nailed everything. There were a few things that certainly could have been improved, but when compared to RDR2, which has a whole slew of technical issues, gameplay oddities, and questionable design decisions, it seems like it should be clear cut.

NecrumOddBoy35d ago

What's up with the last 10 awards? How many worthless esports awards and YouTuber ass kissing awards do we need?

Also, when did Hallow Knight come out? Seems like it should have been on the Best Indie Game category at least.

victorMaje35d ago

God of War was just unputdownable for me. I can't say the same for RDR2. It's an incredible game but yeah I had more issues with it too.
God of War should have it :)

mkis00735d ago

Very true. I looked forward to picking up God of War whenever I could. With RDR2 picking up the controller was more of a chore.

rainslacker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Unputdownable is a good way to put it.:)

RDR2 I find myself wanting to put it down after an hour or so. Since I'm playing during my down time at work, I usually get reason to without feeling like I have to press on. I'm not even sure I'd keep going back to it if I buy it to play at home.

DevilHunterDante35d ago

RDR2 had way better story, characters and music.

Dark_Knightmare235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

That’s your personal opinion which is fine but the most important part of a GAME is gameplay and gow just craps all over rdr 2 in that department

andibandit34d ago


"most important part of a GAME is gameplay"
"gow just craps all over rdr 2"

both those statements are subjective, and I'm really trying to restrain myself from writing
"That's your personal op..."

Dark_Knightmare234d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@andibandit not really when rdr 2 gameplay has serious problems fundamentally while gow doesnt not to mention how many articles and comments have we’ve seen since rdr 2 release talking about the bad controls and mediocre combat?

rainslacker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

For this awards show, I don't even know why people would bother tuning in to see who they name GOTY this year. It's pretty much a given, because they're fairly predictable. High profile recently released game from a major developer who they can bend over for and will give them a bit of attention, thus validating their reason for existing equals instant win. Only time they really go off the beaten track is when there isn't a high profile recently released game from a major developer who they can bend over for, or no one will validate their existence.

This awards show would not get the hype it does if it weren't for the inevitable reveals, so its really just more a marketing tool that the industry uses for it's purposes, and nothing really sanctioned by anyone.

Personally, I've had more fun with GOW, than I have had with RDR2 so far. I even look forward to going back and getting the New Game + trophies. When i'm done with RDR2, I can't ever see myself getting back into it, unless they greatly revamp the actual game play. As of right now, I'm actually having the most fun of the year with Spider-Man, and while it's nothing special in terms of open world games or structures, it's a blast to play, and captures the Spider-Man vibe perfectly....although I could do with less of the environmental friendly agenda it has going on in it.

I just don't see how a game where so many reviewers complained about the game play and the rather glaring faults of the game, can actually win an award based on nothing but how pretty and detailed it is. Game has a huge scope, but a huge scope doesn't mean its a good game. OTOH, Skyrim won some GOTY awards too, and it had glaring flaws. But at least the game play was fun most of the time.

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hench0735d ago

Celeste or RDR2 will win, unless some "sponsorship" money has been given out.

thepetedog35d ago

So what you’re really saying is, if God of War wins, bribery was involved. Gotcha.

Ceaser985736135d ago

Some section can't take it that PS exclusive winning GOTY..

35d ago
thepetedog34d ago

@madmoose there’s a difference between ‘bending over’ and flatly accusing anyone besides the developers of rdr2 or Celeste paying off the judges in order to win.

Lime12335d ago Show
Elda35d ago

Sound envious & jealous.

AmUnRa35d ago

Yeah shure hench07, keep telling that to your self, so Sony will pay to let God of War win yeah that will be the true.. I swear some people🙄

Kribwalker35d ago

I agree. GOW wasn’t even the best PS4 exclusive this year (shadow of the colossus was a much better game). I don’t understand the hype around it. Played the whole game, got around 80% of the trophies too,
So many of the complaints people had about BOTW last year were multiplied in God of Wat for me. A very empty world (you kill the few enemies in the world and they are gone so when you climb the mountain for the third time there’s nothing to fight until you hit the new areas) a lack of enemy variety (the majority of the game is the same core bad guys, just a different colour for the burn) a lack of boss battles, a lot of the game was spent walking or canoeing from point a to point b then back to point a, The story was good, and the game was good, it had some great feeling fighting as you got later in the game, but it wasn’t as amazing as everyone keeps saying, and if it wasn’t a ps4 exclusive, most people on this site would agree (look at the hate BOTW and now RDR2 is getting when compared to HZD last year and GOW this year)

UCForce35d ago

You do really have a problem with PS games. God of War and Spider Man deserves awards. Even Horizon Zero Dawn didn’t get any awards from VGA, but it get awards from other media. I think you should give these game a creditable than being disrespectful person.

34d ago
thepetedog34d ago

Obviously you’re entitled to an opinion, but regardless of how you feel about any of the games, agreeing with the guy who suggests that anyone winning besides rdr2 or Celeste paid to come on top is just pure tin-foil hat levels of nuts

Kribwalker34d ago

“You do really have a problem with PS games. ”

I do not. I even complimented Shadow of the colossus, which was a fantastic game and blew away my expectations and is my PS game of the year. But for people to come here and nit pick RDR2 (which is flawed as well) and try to claim GOW was flawless, that’s not the case. Same could be said with HZD. The game did not deserve to beat out BOTW or Mario Odyssey last year for game of the year. They were better games. Spider-man i haven’t played yet, so i have no opinion there, but GOW, in my opinion is not the game of the year because it’s not the best PS4 game this year. Shadow of the colossus is, and i’d be more ok with that one winning of GOW

“I think you should give these game a creditable than being disrespectful person.”
I did give it credit. I said it’s a good game, i said it had great fighting styles but i didn’t feel it’s the masterpiece people are trying to make, and simple things people complained about with BOTW are prevailant in GOW, yet those people call it near flawless.


I don’t agree it’s paid for, i just agree that it shouldn’t win.

DerekTweed34d ago

Now that you mention it, I can't really think of real boss battles other than Baldur a few times.

Of course there was the Valkyries but they are an end game challenge rather than boss battles in the main game.

My least favourite part was that area where you slowly die and have to go back and forth a lot. Can't remember it's name.

beulahland34d ago

@UCForce "I think you should give these game a creditable than being disrespectful person."

Are you insane? When was Kribwalker disrespectful on his comment? He criticized a game, dude. Don't be silly.

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Relientk7735d ago

God of War, Spider-Man, and Red Dead Redemption 2 for almost every award. Woo

TGGJustin35d ago

Hope God of War wins most of these. It deserves to over RDR2.

CarlDechance35d ago

It does, but it won't. RDR2 has the end of year momentum and hype.

SpringHeeledJack35d ago

And RDR2 being a western will win over a lot of the Americans so it's going to win.

Dark_Knightmare235d ago

Exactly plus the game awards are always a joke it’s a popularity contest nothing more

DevilHunterDante35d ago

RDR2 had way better story, characters and music.