Domino’s is making fun of the Diablo Immortal reveal to sell pizza

A Facebook post from Domino's Pizza states "This is not an out-of-season April Fool's joke" in reference to Diablo Immortal

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william_cade26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

hahahahaahahhaahha - I'm enjoying this.

letsa_go26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

It is funny to see these arrogant devs on stage acting like they can do no wrong, suddenly get brought down to size. They didn't know how to respond to that one. lol Can you imagine making a decision that causes your stock to fall 7%? haha

pedrami9126d ago

I don't believe the devs are the ones to blame, their higher ups most likely told them what to announce.
Not defending Diablo Immortal but seeing the devs get attacked for something they may not have control over is a bit unfair.

Moe-Gunz26d ago

Do you not have a phone!?

wraith999925d ago

do you guys seriously think this is what caused the stock to drop lol.........did you even bother reading any of the articles it was clearly primarily due to missed earnings which has nothing to do with a to-be-released game.....

dont get me wrong, i would never defend the BS that is diablo immortal but lets not be delusional

Acadius25d ago

There’s been several articles via professional sites showing that the stocks dropped because of the Immortal debacle. Then the stocks dropped a second time due to the missed earning as you stated.

letsa_go25d ago

Just because you are uninformed, doesn't mean I am too!

Smokehouse26d ago

At least Domino’s knows how to play to their base.

Smokehouse25d ago

I mean their twitter base lol. They wouldn’t do a TV commercial saying those things. They know that their twitter base is probably a younger demographic, they can see the stupid hashtag happenings and they capitalized. Whoever runs their twitter was probably just another upset gamer lol.

gamer780426d ago

lol their product is mobile too, but actually good :)

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