Phil Spencer Says Streaming Is Further Out for Mass Market; Game Pass Has Millions of Subscribers

Microsoft's Phil Spencer said that game streaming is further out for the mass market, adding that playing on a console or PC will still be better. He also revealed Game Pass has millions of subscribers today.

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KaiPow32d ago

Microsoft still has to cross the hurdle of getting reliable telecom service across the majority of the US.

Until bandwidth speeds and data caps go up, there's going to be a much lower cap for their cloud subscribers.

codelyoko32d ago

Seems like the U.S. are far behind Europe in this

32d ago
annoyedgamer32d ago

Huge open areas with nothing for miles will do that.

Septic32d ago

The US will be rolling out 5G next year afaik. That might change a lot of things.

5G generally will be a game changer. I can't wait for that.

-volt-32d ago

Not just MS. All of them.

rainslacker32d ago

I think he's using mass market to say mainstream market. Streaming is already out for the mass market in many different forms of media, including games. Game streaming hasn't hit the mainstream market though. I'd say its further out, but that's just because anything not happening today is technically, further out, and this just sounds like him setting up expectations that the entire community has said since Sony brought Gaikai.

However, the reliable network services you mention is holding it back, and there are other logistic issues involved in overworking the internet bandwidth available.

DarkVoyager32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

“Phil Spencer Says Streaming Is Further Out for Mass Market”

Way to state the obvious.

“Game Pass Has Millions of Subscribers”

Yea we see which service is doing the best.

Aurenar32d ago

PlayStation Now isn't really the same kind of service. It's streaming, like xCloud, only for older games. For Game Pass, on the other hand, right now you need a dedicated game machine like an Xbox One; only a few Xbox Play Anywhere games are compatible with PC.

Vasto32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Also Super Data is a site that estimates numbers which are always way off. They dont get actual data from companies like Microsoft and Sony because those companies dont give it out. This is why you never see any other sites reporting what Super Data reports. You just heard Phil say millions of subscribers and thats as close as you going to get to actual real numbers.

parris32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Your right PSNow isn't the same type of service it's the better service because it offers both downloads and streaming.

@Vasto heh it's funny how every site that shows any information that shows PlayStation in the lead is "way off" So do you have any evidence to back up that claim? BTW the site that reported SuperData information was buisnessinsider so I guess other sites do report SuperData's information.

Skull52132d ago

PSNow is trash compared to Game Pass, and that is just a simple fact.

yomfweeee32d ago

Only new thing Gamepass has is first party exclusives. Other games are old. PSNow has more downloadble games in total and way more games when you include streaming.

There's no way MS keeps Gamepass at $10 in the future. They can't give away games from almost 20 studios for that price.

RizBiz32d ago

@Skull521 That isn't a fact, it's an opinion. And a stupid one, at that.

rainslacker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


SuperData is a paid research firm. Can you give citation of when their numbers have been way off? Should be easy considering its "always" way off. And NPD doesn't get their data from actual companies, but through a similar method as VGChartz...although they pay for it...but they're respected enough. How do we know their data is always way off if no one is reporting on it? I see their name pop up in other places as good enough to take seriously investment citation. Somehow, I think they're more reliable in their data than Spencer's, "We have millions of subscribers" count. Millions could mean 1 million and 1 users, or 100 million users. It's about as vague as it gets, which is how MS always releases numbers.

You don't see other sites reporting from them that often in gaming news because you actually have to pay to see the data. Sometimes they give out parts of the data, then expect you to pay to get more comprehensive information, which would be important to advertisers or other companies for whatever reason.

We've heard Phil say "Million of" many times. But we never hear the context, so I'm not sure how exactly that fits into the discussion of the SuperData information, which is looking at total revenue. But, for context, MS has had how many free or super cheap subscription deals? Heck, you can get it for $1 a month for 3 months right now. Are they going to sustain that after the promotion ends? Are they going to sustain that once they raise the price to what will be required to actually maintain the level of games, along with the additional games they're adding, and allow them to make an actual profit?

Dragonscale31d ago

@skull, yes we get it you despise everything PlayStation related. So predictable, so salty.

Realms31d ago

@ Skull521

You try to hard MS has no other option they have very few low quality AAA games so it's no wonder why all their games are on game pass. If Sony ever were to offer all of their exclusives on PSNow they would crush MS, I personally think streaming services are still ways off from offering a legit good experience but whatever.

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darthv7232d ago

I think you misunderstand what that chart means. Its about the revenue not the number of users. Sony shows more $$ because they also charge more $$ for their service. 100 people paying $1 for GP is equal to 1 person paying $100 for PSNow.

parris32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Perhaps you failed math... the only way someone would pay $100 would be a yearly subscription which even if you could get a year for $1 per month (which you can't) it would be $12 because you may not be aware but a year is twelve months (1x12=12). And btw the yearly price of both services is $99. And uh just a reminder, Game Pass isn't $1 per month it's $10.

But whatever why sweat the details I'm sure the reason PS Now is more successful is simply due to RRoD.

And just for clarification this is cut and pasted from the Game Pass webpage: "After first month, Xbox Game Pass continues at just $9.99/month. Cancel anytime."

RizBiz32d ago

@parris Gamepass is $1 until the beginning of next year. That's why the service has millions of people. $10/month is way too much for M$ garbage, but $1 is a good deal.

parris32d ago


gamepass is $1 for one month then it renews at 9.99 per month.

Here is a picture to help you understand.

SpineSaw32d ago

Sorry bro but that $1 price is for 1 month. PSNow is $20 a month while GamePass is starting at $10. It's $10 if you only play single player games through GP but if you want multi-player you need to pay $10 more for Xbox Live making the cost the same as PSNow at $20 a month and we all no Xbox gamers are all about the MP gaming. And please don't bother telling us that you can find cheaper Xbox Live prices because you can do the same for PSNow. So cost is the same unless your one of the very few that subscribes to GamePass for single player games.

rainslacker32d ago

The $1 a month thing actually did start after the SuperData numbers came out. Or right near it, can't remember exactly. But MS does charge half the price for monthly subs, butt hat may be negated some by yearly subs to PSNow.

About all I can really take away from the SuperData numbers is that maybe PSNow isn't quite the failure that everyone kind of assumed it was, since apparently Sony is quietly doing pretty well with it.

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King_Noctis32d ago

That is why he didn’t say the Gamepass is the number 1 game subscription service. So what is wrong with his statement?

Bobafret32d ago

But that doesn't change the fact that Gamepass has millions of subscribers, and you are comparing apples and oranges.

timotim32d ago

Was this really necessary? Other than the fact that you are providing UNPROVEN numbers here, why did you feel compelled to say and post that??? This wasn't about PS Now, but here you are comparing when no one else was...why? Couldn't you just say something positive about GP and keep it moving...does everything have to be about Sony and their counterparts?

rainslacker32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

"Way to state the obvious. "

That's about all I've heard since Sony brought Gaikai. Hell, it's something I've said is a ways off to all these Xbox fan boys who act like MS has performed some miracle.

"Yea we see which service is doing the best. "

Bit unfair considering that MS is practically giving away Game Pass every month. Think how well it does once they do the inevitable price increase and it's more established and out of this marketing honeymoon period....which its been in for a while...happen.

That being said, anyone ever pictures Spencer saying millions like Carl Sagan talking about the stars?

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ccgr32d ago

Don't have time for either service :P

Aurenar32d ago

Xbox Game Pass is great, frankly.

RizBiz32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It's definitely worth $1.

RizBiz32d ago

Of course it has millions of subscribers. Gamepass costs $1 until the beginning of next year. What is he bragging about, losing money? o_O

shaggy230331d ago


All of the streaming/subscription services have deals, Netflix does a month for free, as does Amazon, Audible etc.

I'm pretty sure even PSNow offers something similar.

RizBiz31d ago

Yes. What's your point?

shaggy230331d ago


Seriously? Your asking what the point is?

Ok I'll spell it out for you in small easy to understand words.

Netflix, Amazon, Audible etc all have offers and nobody's questions their customer numbers or if they are looking money.

Microsoft does the same thing and you instantly question their figures and mention them looking money.

Double standards?

PhoenixUp32d ago

Not more mass market than your direct competitor

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