Battlefield V Review: Easily The Best Shooter of 2018 [Screen Rant]

Screen Rant writers, "Battlefield V is an incredibly well-made showcase of what modern large-scale shooters can be, and it elevates the series above the competition."

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Switch4One27d ago

Fantastic! Looking forward to playing this.

LoveSpuds27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I'll catch you on the battlefield fella, I cannot wait either, I have always loved this series and have been gagging for a return to WW2 for a while. It looks like DICE delivered on their vision and the game strikes a nice balance between authenticity and gameplay, this is going to be great!

Skull52127d ago

I’ll check on it again in 6 months when microstransactions are fully implemented. Gotta see if female cyborgs are still in the game. Got a feeling they’ve got an awful bag of tricks they are waiting to unleash until everyone has bought the game then it’s too late, no refunds.

JaguarEvolved27d ago

I agree that battlefield v is the best shooter this year. I also like and play a lot of cod b.o 4 and I like it a lot but I definitely think bf v is a lot better in a lot of ways.

seanpitt2327d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I was gagging to jump back in ww2 aswell but this BF5 ain't the ww2 I wanted to Jump back into

sampsonon27d ago

@Skull521: you sir are a loser.

grow up.

D3TH_D33LR26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Yes @skull, they’re waiting an extra 6 months before they start unleashing cyber robot fembots to destroy your fun in any videogame going forward. Make sure to check under your bed each night so not to have a surprise visit from incels and any other crazy sjw narratives you’ve got hiding under there in the meantime.

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Dirtnapstor27d ago

Agreed. Day 1. Was hoping for their take on BR right away, but other than that, totally stoked.

nowitzki200427d ago

Its better this way. let them work on it more and BR later on will extend our BF5 gaming

Tankbusta4027d ago

Game as a service....I will wait till the beta phase is over to try it.

Failcube27d ago

It's a full fledge multiplayer game as is but the campaign is like a tutorial for it. Don't expect much. But with what's coming on top of that, pretty impressive. It's not a beta in any way given how polished it is.

Gahl1k27d ago

So you are saying I shouldn't pick it up for the campaign, oh well.


Have you played it? What makes you say it’s a beta? I’ve been playing it all week and it feels like a full blown BF game to me. I’m curious to hear what you have to say from personal experience with the game.

Tankbusta4027d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"What's interesting with Battlefield V as a product is how clearly designed for the long-term it is. A War Story displayed in the menu isn't available yet, for example, and the game's Combined Arms co-op mode isn't even releasing until March. That's also when players will be able to play the Firestorm battle royale mode. In between now and then, other features are coming as well, from another map to a Firing Range practice area. These additional features and content packs are delivered as part of Battlefield V's Tides of War, a totally free live service which aims to keep players invested through continuously evolving and growing the game. It's here where more rewards and challenges will be added to the experience as well. "

Most of the game is not being released at launch. This is a game as a service and is unfinished, I call this a beta phase...or if it makes you feel better its an early access game...sorry

moomoo31927d ago

I think people are skeptical of the free DLC rollout and that battle royal isnt even ready till atleast spring 19'. Seems like they released an unfinished game, but the reviews are good and it sounds like yall like it i guess

TheOtherMoon27d ago

COD fan reads title, but not article -- makes angry comment anyway.

sampsonon27d ago

more like "women haters have mommy issues and cannot get over them"

Skull52127d ago

Better pull those pants up sampsonon, your beta male is showing

TheOtherMoon27d ago

Sampsonon, you may want to work on articulating your thoughts a little more clearly. I am not sure what mark you are trying to hit with your wavering arrow.

sampsonon27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

oh? you didn't hear? the game has women with cyborg arms.
the hatred of women in the comment section in regards to this game = men having mommy issues.
or haven't you been paying attention?

Skankinruby27d ago

Well up against the half a game COD put out that's a pretty easy victory, but good for them nonetheless.

Hungryalpaca25d ago

This has just as little content.

InTheZoneAC27d ago

So no docking for neutering the gunplay, the map design, the single player campaign, the basic missing features at launch? 9/10 is almost perfect and it is a glaring fact this game has some serious issues in those regards. Paid for review or just a completely dishonest one

Majin-vegeta27d ago

Neutering gunplay in what way?This is the best gunplay in BF to date.

Teflon0227d ago

well I don't get what you're playing. Map design is great imo, single player is great imo, basic missing features like what? When a game is giving all dlc free but cosmetics, it's not a fair complaint. BFV intends to only profit off the initial sale and MT of people who decide they want it to buy extras. The best review is one that takes into account what you're getting overall. You're getting everything now and all future content. New Single player missions over time and new maps etc. The player maybe actually enjoys the game that much. Based on the version I played like Sept. The game was great and I spent hours on it.

Hungryalpaca25d ago

How can the singleplayer be great? It’s one man army sneak around AI who can’t hear or see you. The AI is worse than AI from the 90s dude.

tompoulo27d ago

It blows my mind that nobody complained about Black Ops4 not having a campaign having not as many maps (i don't ever remember the number) with a lot of them being old maps... and getting praised from most sites. While this game actually has a campaign and also has 8 maps of high quality as it seems(only time will really tell) free DLC with most probably tons of new content and improovements. Improved its gameplay over the last Battlefield in almost any way posible... Still people critisize any positive impression or review and act as if there is a coonspiracy.

InTheZoneAC27d ago

I criticized BO4 the same way.

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