Japanese PlayStation Games Face Stricter Censorship Worldwide - Report

Idea Factory, the Japanese developer behind the Hyperdimension Neptunia series and many other titles, has stated in no uncertain terms that it plans to stay put on its policies as Sony tightens up on censorship in Japan and worldwide.

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nezzko28d ago

Guess this will be a loooong back and forth battle between Sony and certain publishers.

TheColbertinator28d ago

Sony needs to go. Japanese devs should focus on Steam,Switch and Xbox One to avoid the draaconian Sony policies

TekoIie28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Until Sony reverses their stance. Or at the very least we support the games on another platform that doesn't have the same policies.

Godmars29028d ago

Would think MS would well announce taking such a stance if they intended to.

awdevoftw28d ago

Please. Nintendo was the worst. You know what relaxed them? They needed sales.

King_Noctis28d ago

So if you already have sale you need to be more strict?

TekoIie28d ago


No. What we're trying to say is that when any of the big 3 makes it to the top they slowly become more dictatorial in their policies. When Nintendo was at the top decades ago they had a very tyrannical approach to third parties. Sony comes along with very lax policies; Nintendo loses their dominance and is forced to change.

Segata28d ago

Did anyone see on resetera that Japanese game rated E on PS4 but rated M on Switch? Sony needs to get their crap together.

King_Noctis28d ago

That is messed up. A few years ago it would be the reverse of that.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro28d ago

Gay dating simulator Dream Daddy was released on the PS4 with even more content than the PC version, and there have been no announcements about the game having to be censored. This also came shortly after Omega Labyrinth Z and Super Seducer were both banned from being released in the West on the PS4, despite the fact that Super Seducer has no nudity in it.

What does Sony have against straight male gamers?

Kane2228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

the hell are you talking about..people who owned dream daddy got an update that added the new content for free on PC...and the game doesnt have any nudes or sex in at all..there are way more games catering to straight males than women or gays..

TheColbertinator28d ago

Games with fanservice are also appealing to lesbian gamers. Straight males aren't the only customers on the market.

Segata28d ago

Dream Daddy is western made. This is about Japanese games.

addictedtochaos28d ago

Unless they reverse this insanity, I’ll move to Xbox next gen.

milkshake228d ago

Xbox? PC is a more sensible choice.

annoyedgamer28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Microsoft does similar stuff, it's less noticable since Japanese games arent very popular on the platform. Im a longtime Xbox fan too so i'm not making it up.

rainslacker28d ago

OK. Except if you care about these games, they won't be showing up on Xbox.

Unless you're just standing up on principal, which is dumb, because I'm sure you could find some distasteful policy from all the console holders if you looked hard enough.

2pacalypsenow28d ago

So you also won’t be playing them on Xbox ?

Cobra95128d ago

The PC is where you want to be for lack of censorship, not the Xbox, or any console. Nothing to do with system power or any fanboy stuff. That's just the way it is. The PC is wide open to all developers, without any gatekeepers or restrictions (unlike consoles).

Jarrodlamp198028d ago

Same with me my friend,i'll still keep my PS4 Pro. Next gen xbox for me t

parris28d ago

So to protest censorship of Japanese sexy games your going to buy an xbox that doesn't have these games at all?

HeisenbergX28d ago

I don't think they used their brains writing those comments :) or most likely just trolling like they don't already own an Xbox and really own just a playstation.

addictedtochaos27d ago

I have all platforms. Will not buy a PS5. Unless this policy is reversed.

FinalFantasyFanatic27d ago

I'll be buying these games on Steam or Switch where they appear, really not happy with Sony for this.

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