Sea of Thieves PvP Looks Great, And Valve's Rumoured VR Headset Is Pointless

In our latest editorial, we discuss the brilliant addition of PvP to Sea of Thieves, the slightly odd inclusion of a portable turret in Fortnite, and the rumours of a Valve VR headset which feel massively redundant.

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Skull52131d ago

Pointless? Well it’s every bit as pointless as every other VR headset I’ll give you that...

instantstupor30d ago

Spoken like someone who hasn't tried VR. It's a shame, really. VR is fun! Try it!

Skull52130d ago

Tried them all, walked away every time thinking that was kind of cool, but it has a long ways to go before I need to own it.

KukwesGaming30d ago

I'm calling BS from Skull521

KukwesGaming30d ago

a long ways to go....I doubt it...probably another 5 years and the adoption rate will be significantly high

30d ago
Dom_Estos30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Of course he hasn't.

Why is it that everyone who claims that VR is pointless, or a disappointment or whatnot, always, literally always claims they have "tried them all" in the argument back when accused of - rightfully so - not having tried VR yet? It's a bit of a tell by now.

A "long way to go" is better than being played out and hitting a brick wall, which traditional gaming is currently entering. A "long way to go" when it is literally viable, working technology now. Why not jump in and enter the Atari era of VR, and experience the evolution from the beginning, just like we did in gaming all those years ago?

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instantstupor30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

If you recognized that it is at least "kind of cool" and can envision a future where if it improves enough that you might want to own one, perhaps this VR headset might be the one to propel VR immersion to the next level. Or perhaps it is just another mid-grade stepping stone to the next best thing...who knows.

Though I will certainly admit that there is a content problem - there are excellent releases, but I can see how people would struggle to want to spend another $300-500 on a PSVR/Rift/Vive, especially when all the best content isn't all on one system. But at the very least, saying this HMD (as well as every current HMD) are pointless...feels like saying the Atari was pointless. I mean, everything has to start somewhere!

I'm not hyped for this specific HMD release, but I'll always hold some hope that we are surprised - Valve is due one of these days! lol

JTGA29d ago

I'm happy to be proven wrong, but I do think Valve's rumoured fourth headset is a step too far. As I've said above, I own PSVR (since launch) and love that thing. I'd just rather Valve focus their efforts on software!

JTGA29d ago

Ooooo dude. VR is definitely NOT pointless. I have PSVR and love it. I just think a FOURTH mainstream VR headset is a tad... excessive.

CrimsonWing6930d ago

VR is amazing I hope it just keeps evolving.

JTGA29d ago

It has so much potential. Give us the holodeck from Star Trek!