The Game Awards 2018 Will Have Lots of New Feature/Content Announcements for Ongoing Games

Geoff Keighley said that The Game Awards 2018 (December 6th) will have lots of new feature and content announcements for ongoing games, in addition to brand new game announcements.

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-Foxtrot33d ago

Since there's no PSX this year I'm hoping whatever small announcements Sony has they'll show off here.

MrSugarholic32d ago

Same. I feel like we'll get the obligatory VGA Death Stranding trailer. Here's hoping we get TLOUpII, and if we're . lucky any last remaining PS4 exclusives yet to be announced, like Shu said.

scofios32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Dead stranding we will definitely see something due to geoff frindship with kojima ,Tlou 2 they will hold new gamplay for E3 i think , as for those exclusive games Shu was taliking about i think the majority of them will be ether crosss gen or PS5 games .

Srhalo33d ago

Oh boy DLC announcements I can't wait!!! /s

TheColbertinator32d ago

These announcements are basically loot boxes

SickSinceSix33d ago

It can't possibly be better than last years one.

Segata32d ago

Whatever. Yakuza will be snubbed again anyway. Don't care about the awards themselves. Hoping to see some new IP trailers and one on Bayonetta 3.

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