Marvel icon Stan Lee dies at age 95

He co-created Spider-Man, X-Men and more iconic heroes.

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DarkVoyager29d ago

This man was a legend. R.I.P. Stan Lee :(

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IamTylerDurden129d ago


I enjoyed Stan in Spider-man PS4 and all his gaming and movie camoes. The man built Marvel and created countless big-name superheroes, including, the legendary Spider-man.

At least Spider-man is in great hands both gaming and film wise. Unfortunately he won't be around to see Spider-verse in December.

Skull52129d ago

I’m sure if he wanted to see it he did. I imagine his cameos were already shot for Avengers 4, Captain Marvel, and possibly Spider Man.

antz110428d ago

"Are you Tony Stank?"

Best joke in all the movies. RIP Stan.

Retroman27d ago

@ I am tyler

I'm sure Stan Lee seen advance viewing before public do as All private movie screeners do before each movie release.

AngelicIceDiamond29d ago

RIP to the legend himself. Insomniac knocked it out of the park with Spidey PS4 Square better not screw up the Avengers game now because I'm really looking forward to that game plus it would be a slap in the face to Mr. Lee.

rainslacker29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

This makes me sad.:*( Just saw his cameo in the Spider-Man game last night too.:(

RIP, You were a legend and will be missed.

Phoenix7629d ago

Not sure if your just trying to troll or just an insensitive prick?

R.I.P Stan "The Man" Lee. Excelsior.

P_Bomb28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Stan’s appeared in videogames for two decades. From voiceovers and cameos to being playable in Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the Lego Marvel games. Iron Stan ftw! When you’ve become a playable video game character, you’ve earned the right to N4G.

RIP. Thx for a lifetime of stories and characters.


This man is the reason behind Marvel's success, movies and games he helped create the biggest characters

CorndogBurglar28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Him and Jack Kirby are the reason behind Marvel's success.

Please let's not take away from Kirby. He is equally important. Stan would want it that way.

I have a Marvel Encyclopedia with an intro from Stan Lee and the things he says about Jack Kirby are really awesome. A lot of people think Lee was stealing Kirby's spotlight, but nothing could be more untrue.

They were both Legends in the industry. Rather than being sad for Stan's death, he should be celebrated. He lived a very long and amazing life, and always seemed to be in good spirits. He truly loved the industry.

He will be missed, but it was his time.

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purple10129d ago

"Lucky man". Great series.

Neonridr29d ago

It's a sad, sad day. RIP Mr. Lee, you will never be forgotten.

Madmoose29d ago

Nooe. I was going to ignore that crappy looking spider verse movie, but I may have to go see it now just out of respect and to honor him.

Christopher29d ago

If you want to honor him, watch the Teen Titans Go! movie. It's for kids, but I think his cameo in that says everything about what he believes in from the comic book standpoint.

Cobra95127d ago

That animated movie is pretty funny even for this adult, Christopher. The Stan Lee cameo was hilarious.

jlove4life29d ago

Rip Stan the man glad you love your cameos i'll have a digital you for all time