Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 — Nuketown Trailer

Welcome back to a reimagined fan favorite.

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Spartacus1032d ago

Never knew the day would come where devs would boast about reskins with dedicated trailers.

Greg280132d ago

Nuketown always gets a seperate trailer because its a fan favorite.

annoyedgamer31d ago

It is worth mentioning that they can't make any "new" fan favorites though. Thest best maps on all MP shooters are reskins of old maps.

81BX32d ago

Not only that they made it timed exclusive. What a crap game

Relientk7732d ago

I really like the way this Cold War Nuketown looks

jordan22290ps32d ago

If people don't like the game then why even comment? The game is out, like it or not. Your time to voice your displeasure has passed so let the rest of us just enjoy and actually be able to discuss the game and trailer without hearing b*tching.

Kabaneri31d ago

Why a snowy environment? All the other iterations were colorful and in the summer.