Supermassive Games Is Working On Multiple PlayStation Exclusives

In a new interview with Supermassive Games executive director Pete Samuels, drops some interesting new details

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NecrumOddBoy36d ago

Until Dawn 2 and if you are making another VR game, please dont screw it up

Skankinruby35d ago

Hope that wasn't a jab at rush of blood because that game was great

T2X35d ago

Bravo team was horrendous. Firewall is much better.

NecrumOddBoy35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

That was a jab at The Inpatient. Rush of Blood was excellent

Srhalo35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Honestly Suppressive has made some of the best PSVR games. Inpatient is is horribly under rated and Bravo Team looks really good too.

Profchaos35d ago

Bravo team was not good at all it was extremely broken I brought it in a aim bundle and if I didn't want the aim riffle so much I would have returned it

Jinger35d ago

Bravo Team was straight garbage, same with Inpatient. Rush of Blood was great though and I wouldn't mind another one of those.

jukins35d ago

The inpatient is scary as hell. Besides bravo team their vr offerings have been very good

Kribwalker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Until dawn is my favourite PS4 exclusive this gen, id love for them to make a sequel, sucks they’ve been relegated to PSVR Shovelware for the last few games.
Hopefully Until Dawn 2 can be a fully fleshed sequel, will buy that day one, I’m really looking forward to their Dark Pictures Anthology

Srhalo35d ago

"Shoverware" you haven't played.

Kribwalker35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

with a meta of 45 (bravo team) and 59 (inpatient) and sony fansites even reviewing it giving it reviews like this

Mar 12, 2018
A shooter with a lot of potential which turns out to be a soulless, repetitive and boring husk of a game. Graphically it looks alright and shooting stuff up is fun for a while but you'll soon be thinking about better things you could have been doing instead. The immersion is completely broken due to not being able to move around freely.”

That’s not something that’s gonna have me rushing out to buy a PSVR, so i won’t be playing that shovel ware.

Give me a fully fleshed Super Massive Games game like Until Dawn, and ill be there in a heartbeat

Kribwalker35d ago


Nope I haven’t. Because i’m not wasting my money on VR at this time. Until it’s wireless, the quality is higher and it consistently gets full games (i know there are some that are full games, but far too many are side notes in games), and stops being littered with tech demos and shovel-ware, I’m not wasting my money on it.

I have tried PSVR, but my friend that has it, doesn’t have those games, because he also didn’t want to waste his money on them, because of what they are

IamTylerDurden135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Few refers to three, and Rush of Blood is included in the last 3 games from Supermassive. Rush of Blood is absolutely not VR shovelware, it's actually one of the best selling and most beloved VR games to date. Maybe choose your words better, unless you are calling Rush of Blood shovelware?

This isn't anything like Rare being relegated to Kinect shovelware. Supermassive isn't first party, they aren't forced to do anything. Bravo Team was absolutely undercooked and unfinished, The Inpatient is actually a quality experience that was misunderstood in part because of the controls, and Rush of Blood and Until Dawn were obviously great. Supermassive is hitting 500. in their last 4 with only 1 of the games being a legit miss. It isn't as bad a you claim and they are actually a large studio who works on multiple projects simultaneously. They aren't relegated to anything, and as you can see they've been working on the Dark Pictures Anthology as well. Supermassive has been hit n miss, but they have the ability to hit big, so i'm excited for the next two games.

IamTylerDurden135d ago


You need to stop acting like Phil Spencer circa 2016 by claiming VR is just a bunch of tech demos. We are 2 years into PSVR and quality content is releasing left and right. Right now is the worst time for a VR/Sony hater to be spewing the same tired rhetoric. Look at the stellar games that've come out recently. Astro Bot, The Persistence, Firewall, Tetris Effect, Creed, Beat Saber ect. BL2 was just announced as well. VR is on fire, you are way off.

Chevalier35d ago

Oh Krib has a 'friend' with PSVR, but, none of the games, hasn't tried a single one of the titles and decides to throw shade at PS4 titles?! Wow shocking.

parris35d ago

You have no idea what your talking about their are tons of high quality full games. And the fact that some games are short doesn't mean they are not quality products. I remember when people were up in arms because Green Man gaming decided to add game times yet here you are judging games on length.

It's like indies, obviously they tend to have smaller scope than a big budget game but they can be extremely fun to play or have extremely deep story telling ect.

I think this attitude "oh it's not a AAA made buy mega corp X" really causes people miss out on some of the best games.

Dragonscale34d ago

"shovelware" you mean like the majority xbone games lately. Just Astro Bot alone is better and higher rated than most xbone games this gen along with Tetris Effect. Sometimes krib you really have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

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Clark8835d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The Dark Pictures:Man of Medan is Until Dawn 2: Ghost Ship.

bluefox75535d ago

Until Dawn 2 is inevitable, they're absolutely working on it.

IamTylerDurden135d ago

Until Dawn 2 and Rush of Blood 2 would be great. Both games were massive.

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Neonridr35d ago

Here's hoping they don't spread themselves too thin again. I loved Until Dawn and am very hopeful for The Dark Pictures Anthology.

italiangamer35d ago

Very nice, for sure at least one of them is a PS5 game.

Skankinruby35d ago

Until Dawn doesn't need a sequel but a new game on that level would be great. Hopefully these will be ps5 launch titles because there's way too much still to come for ps4 approaching the last couple years of this gen

Neonridr35d ago

I think the Dark Pictures games have a very Until Dawn sort of vibe to them..

Sevir35d ago

Don't kid yourself, That's Namco Bandai's Until Dawn, in the same way they funded Dark Souls after Demon's Souls became a break out hit, This is Namco Bandai capitalizing on the success of another Sleeper hit from Sony. The Dark Pictures Anthology being made into a game with similar premise as Until Dawn, by the same people who made Until Dawn, yep.

KwietStorm35d ago

These guys have really surprised me this generation. Its funny how Until Dawn completely fell off the radar after the long delay but actually turned out really entertaining. Their new game looks interesting too.

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