We've Seen Very Little Of Crackdown 3, But, With Games Pass, It Might Not Matter

OnlySP: Crackdown 3 is only a few months away from release, yet we know very little about the game. Normally, this would be cause for alarm, but I think a strategy may be behind the marketing of this title.

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Skull52133d ago (Edited 33d ago )

It is cause for alarm. Everything about this games development is cause for alarm. Really the best course of action is to go in with low expectations. The saving grace is game pass will allow you to play at a low cost. Maybe the game turns out to be great but I've been pretty dead on calling disappointing games this generation and I'm predicting this will be one of them. I just want the advancement in gaming technology this game will bring to make it's way into future games, that'll be its best contribution to gaming, far more than the game itself.

Clark8833d ago

Just curious do you need to be an Xbox Live Gold member to get game pass?

King_Noctis33d ago

“An Xbox Live Gold subscription is not required for Xbox Game Pass, but it is required for any online multiplayer content the games in the catalog may contain.”

InKnight7s33d ago

No you don't they are different subscriptions channels.

franwex33d ago

Only if you want to play online. Even free to play games require live to play online.

Rude-ro32d ago

Most games are multiplayer focused or that is where it’s content is heavily focused.
So, technically, no.. you do not need to subscribe.. but that limits what you are getting more than it rewards you for your subscription.

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rainslacker32d ago

Yeah, paying $10 a month to demo games. Thank God for Game Pass.

Smokehouse33d ago

Game pass is legit. I think I’m going to trade Hulu out. I want to play that cartoon shooter from the bioshock guy. I’m also hyped to see the “winter of arcade” games later this year.

Jinger33d ago

Void Bastards? That looks great. Also looking forward to the winter of arcade announcement. I'm expecting that announcement at the game awards is when we get the release date of Ashen and Below as well.

Smokehouse32d ago

That’s it! I’ll probably pick up the pass when that shows up. Yeah I think he said stay tuned to the game awards.