Sony Patents “Detecting Lag Switch Cheating” in Games

Sony has filed something to prevent lag switch cheating in games! Check out the patent description, as well as what lag switching is in the article.

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lxeasy30d ago

is that a xbox 360 controller?

CaptainCook30d ago

Yeah. That's definitely an Xbox 360 controller.

Skull52129d ago

Bet Bungie already has tech in place, this stuff made its big appearance in Halo 2.

Smitty202030d ago

I don’t understand em. Play the game learn from your mistakes

Cmv3829d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Because winning in video games for some people validate their social existence. And as a human trait, our desire to be socially relevant outweighs morality and ethics. In manifest in a win at all cost outlook.

Its pathetic in short.

frostypants29d ago

Don't get too excited...having a patent doesn't mean they have a product or are even developing it yet.

lnfiniteLoop29d ago

also add that you dont have to file a patent to actually bother to detect and get rid of cheats from a closed network...

Gamist2dot030d ago

Thanks for the good news! - Jonah Jameson.

2pacalypsenow30d ago

Sony is on a roll with all these patents.

blackblades30d ago

Yeah I was going to say that, this is like the 3rd one, 4th if you count the VR one. More incoming its more evidence of a ps5. Calling it again next year is the ps5 people deal with it.

Srhalo30d ago

I don't know if that's true, but it's definitely possible. AMD recently confirmed Navi is on track for 2019 so from a manufacturing perspective it's certainly possible.

andibandit29d ago

patents arent exactly cheap

Jls130d ago

first remaster by emulation and now this. PS5 looking good already

Ceaser985736130d ago

Its going to dominate next gen as usual.

Sgt_Slaughter30d ago

As the gaming industry has shown us time and time again, things are not concrete, especially gen to gen. It's an easy prediction to make, but companies screw up all the time or make mistakes so to me it's silly to say that.

Ceaser985736130d ago

It has been seen Sony Playstation has always done well and dominated .. I see PS5 no different.. The amount of talents and creative freedom Sony devs has its huge.. Hence the quality exclusives with New IP popping in. Also Sony is investing alot on New IP and Exclusives .. Nobody is perfect, people learn from mistakes. Sony does takes risk most works few doesn't but they dont back out... They learn from each other.. Hence its leading.

Skull52129d ago

Problem is PS5 is gonna be in the same arena as the Xbox One X in terms of power, and whatever Microsoft is cooking up is going to be on an entirely new level.

Ceaser985736129d ago


"Problem is PS5 is gonna be in the same arena as the Xbox One X in terms of power, and whatever Microsoft is cooking up is going to be on an entirely new level"

Keep believing that .. lol! PS5 will be much more powerful then the X and only if scarlet releases around 2022 it will be better and much powerful than the PS5 if it releases around 2020 its gonna be same as the PS5 ..

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WilliamSheridan30d ago

Wait, it thought all of you Sony fans said upscale old games like on Xbox One aren't worth it? I'm so confused by your flip flopping

Dreamcatcher4530d ago

I thought xbox fans said resolution doesn't matter, prior to one x.

jznrpg30d ago

Nobody said it wasn’t worth it, they said when it’s your main feature you are failing. It’s a nice feature but ultimately people want new games , something Xbox hasn’t done this entire generation

parris30d ago

"Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer has defended Xbox One, saying gamers shouldn't focus on the numbers, but the experience. In the end, we play the games, not the resolution," Spencer said."

WilliamSheridan29d ago

@jznrpg when was that ever the Xbox One's primary feature? With the X, the primary feature are higher resolution and framerates on 98% of all games released, minus the 2% exclusives on each

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