Battlefield V - Skewed 'n Reviewed

The latest chapter in the long-running Battlefield series has arrived with the release of Battlefield V. Skewed and Reviewed has posted a mostly positive review for the game. They note the game has many aspects which are missing and listed as "coming soon" but say there is enough here to make the game better than expected.

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MJ2300729d ago

this is what happens when millineal nerds make a video game. Women on the frontline in WW2 lol.

Garethvk29d ago

If you read the review you would see I mentioned that the woman from the debut trailer was not in the game. Also, there were many women in combat missions for the Resistance as well as female Snipers.

REDGUM29d ago

My comment was aimed at MJ23007 not yourself. My apologies!

Hungryalpaca28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I agree women should be in the game. Here’s the problem with your reply.

You play as the British and Germans. They didn’t send women to the front. At all. They had spies and women and CHILDREN manning AA guns at bases and in major cities. They didn’t see frontline combat. German children and women did when Berlin fell because they were desperate. However this isn’t in the game due to its timeslot.

Russian women did see frontline combat. So where are the women who actually fought? It kind of cheapens it.

REDGUM29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Stop being a tosser like the rest of the EA haters out there. If you arn't interested in the game then p**s off and go and play something else. You guys have nothing better to do than complain about games that for one don't interest you, A 2 you haven't played yet. Grow up would you!

Either play the game and leave a proper review or bugger off and leave the B5 articles alone!!
Seriously, why do you even click on these articles????

Garethvk29d ago

The review is positive and there is no hating on the game or E.A.

Garethvk28d ago

Actually you play as a British agent, a Scandinavian female, and a Black French Colonial. There are no other females in the game so far.