Here’s How Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Roster Size Compares to Other Fighting Games

Author writes, "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an insane game; it’s just crazy how much content Sakurai and his team have managed to jam into one tiny Switch cartridge. The abundance of stages, massive amounts of music from across the industry, and full Adventure mode are honestly just the icing on the cake when you consider just how many playable characters are going to be in the game."

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cell98934d ago

That’s a huge roster, all with unique abilities. Impressive in deed

PhoenixUp33d ago

Not all of them have unique abilities

wonderfulmonkeyman33d ago

Even the ones with identical movements, Marth and Lucina for example, have differences in their frame data and how their moves work/interact with opponents when used.
Marth and his sword tip doing more damage and launching further, for example.

PhoenixUp33d ago

Unique qualities =\= unique abilities

34d ago
PhoenixUp33d ago

You rarely see fighters these days have base rosters over 70. Most of the time the publisher will lock a portion of them behind a paywall, even when the characters are completely finished before release

lucian22933d ago

Smash has an insanely small movelist; that is why. Where in a real fighter like Soulcalibur, tekken, dead or alive may have a movelist of 50+ moves per character, smash has about 8-10. Smash works because of simplicity and it gains a huge roster because of the simplicity; but there were a lot of clones because of it as well. Smash is more of a party fighter than a full fledged fighting game.

princejb13433d ago

I have more fun playing smash bros than street fighter, tekken, or whatever other fighter you want to bring up

DJK1NG_Gaming33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

There no such thing a real fighting game.
And Smash Roster being high is not simplicity.
Coming up with a moveset for Captain Falcon was not easy because he only in a vehicle. Coming up with a moveset for Duck Hunt was not easy, R.O.B, Ice Climbers and many other characters who don't even show any action in their games were not easy to add movesets to. Not only that you have think about the power of the character, weight, size, jump number/distance and speed of the character.
It not like your traditional fighter where everyone weighs the same, has the same running speed.

Nerfing characters like Kirby who have infinite Jumps, Nerf characters who can obviously fly. Nerfing characters who are obviously big and OP. Such as Ridley and Bayonetta.

Smash Bros. is more than that. Sonic isn't going to weigh the same as Bowser or have the same kind of power and speed.
Smash Bros. roster is more complex than you think.

wonderfulmonkeyman33d ago

But the lack of a move list is made up for by a much deeper complexity in how they interact with other fighters, not to mention changing depending on how they hit, whether the fighter using it is airborne or not, and many other various factors that traditional fighting games don't have to deal with.

Smash is very much a core-focused fighting game; It's just not a traditional one, and it CAN be played more casually, though you'll almost never see that side of it when tournaments come up.

PhoenixUp33d ago

@ luv

You think that it’s simple to make a fighter in the SSB series?

Sakurai has already stated that a lot of work and investment goes into making just one character.

You’re really underestimating the amount of effort that the developers put into this game if you’re going to nonchalantly say it shouldn’t be considered a legitimate fighter. As the franchise’s longstanding presence at EVO has shown, this series can by as complex and technical as any of the other fighters you see at the event.

Other fighters have clone characters as well.

The flexibility of SSB is that it can function as a carefree party game as well as a serious competitive game

lucian22932d ago

the series has gained more depth over the years of Melee; back then everyone was a clone, marth and ike were the same character, ganon and flacon were the same character etc. So inflated rosters like that are what I mean. The game has gotten far better through the years but at its core it is not a true fighter; i'm sorry. It relies on RNG and luck to win often with some skill due to the environments and the random weapon drops and placements.

this is not to say the game is bad or not fun at all; I do not discount the quality of the game, it just lacks depth compared to true fighters. it is a subgenre only really comparable to PS all Stars; as Guilty Gear is only comparable to King of fighters, Dead or alive to tekken. All of which are in their own subgenres of the fighting game umbrella.

Take away the rng weapons and while it takes skill, it shows its lack of depth the most. It's a party game, nothing wrong with that, just as Mario Kart isn't a Racing Simulator.

PhoenixUp32d ago

No I know you’re just talking out of your ass when you say Ike and Marth, polar opposites of each other, were the same character

Saying everybody in SSB64 is a clone of each other tells me there’s no point in discussing this with you

lucian22932d ago

Did I say everyone? You're just speaking like a fanboy lol. If you're going to tell me that Marth and Roy weren't clones then you are literally just a fanboy lol.

PhoenixUp32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yeah you pretty much did. Do you have short term memory or something?

“back then everyone was a clone”

Are you going to now backtrack on your own words after realizing how ridiculous they are?

There’s no point in arguing with someone who thinks that Marth and Ike played the same. Where Marth is quick and powerful when spaced properly, Ike is big, slow, and hits hard regardless of where he connects. But I guess to you such drastic differences don’t mean anything because “everyone is a clone.” 😑

lucian22931d ago

I won't lie, I made a mistake saying Ike lol Ike wasn't even in it till brawl; I meant roy lol; oh well apologies

PhoenixUp31d ago

You also made a mistake by saying “back then everyone was a clone” and that it’s not a fully fledged fighting game

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lucian22931d ago

still isnt a fully fledged fighting game; you must not play real fighters