What Happened To Spyro: Reignited Trilogy Coming To The Switch?

"We do not have any other platforms to announce at this time."

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27d ago
Neonridr27d ago

strange considering they brought Crash over. No way the system can't handle this series. So with Activision being as money hungry as they are I am very surprised they didn't put it on Switch.

Atom66627d ago

Between the delay and the day-one download problems, I think it's safe to say that there are deadline issues with this game. If they had to temporarily hold off on one version, Switch and its cartridges probably makes sense.

I'll personally wait and see if it does come to NS. This would be too perfect in handheld mode.

Shiken27d ago

Bigger games have come to Switch...

EddieNX 27d ago

They have nothing to a bounce at this time, but you can almost guarantee they will announce it at a later time.

I'd bet a grand it comes lol.

Segata27d ago

Crash was never planned for Switch. One of the programmers for fun on his own time tried to see if the game would run on the switch and he did in a short amount of time and he took it to his superiors and they gave the ok to port the thing to Switch. If not for that Crash never would have been on it. Activision is worse than EA. They really just don't want to support it at all.

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PhoenixUp27d ago

It’ll likely happen next year

No reason not to

Shiken27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Nintendo might want them to keep quiet for a Direct reveal. Would not be the first time.

After Crash though, it should have been day and date TBH.

Profchaos27d ago

Probably deadline issues im sure a port will happen in 12 months or so.
Only issues I can possibly think of would be game size limitations but lower resolution textures should bring the size down significantly

Samonuske27d ago

Probably the fact they would have to be able to fit all 3 games on a single cartridge and can’t get away with huge patches/downloads like they can on the PS4/Xbox1

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