Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 Will Not Get a New Graphics Engine

From GameWatcher: "Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI may be pretty far away from an actual release, but that doesn't mean they're not subject to hype. The latest buzz, however, is a bit of a downer, and it relates to Bethesda's proprietary Creation Engine."

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DarkVoyager27d ago

Well there’s that. Bethesda are a joke.

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raWfodog27d ago

Maybe they're thinking (hoping) it will perform much better on next-gen hardware. Maybe allow for better textures and improved post-processing all at 60fps? Maybe...oh, who am I kidding?

Skull52127d ago

I think they’ve just decided they like doing the bare minimum to get the game up and running and let the modding community do all the polish and graphics work for free, they don’t have to pay those people.

Steveoreno127d ago

I love it when game companies help me make the decision on whether to buy their games. No buy from me now. Not playing a ps3 game on my ps5. This is just bad management. Just use the rage 2 engine. Anybody think a petion would help?

PhantomS4226d ago

I'm waiting for them to fast-track this game once Fallout 76 bombs.

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franwex27d ago

Oh my goodness. I thought it was pretty ancient when freakin Skyrim came out. I was blown away (not in a good way) that it was used for Fallout 4. That signature Bethesda look and feel isn’t a positive thing.

Silly Mammo27d ago

If Bethesda waits long enough, they can claim they are going for graphics that are retro-hip.

UltraNova27d ago

Hahaha, quick delete this comment before Bethesda sees it!

franwex27d ago

Haha! That classy mid 2000’s look!

Movefasta199327d ago

skyrim looked amazing back then imo, character models not so much. Fallout 4 looks ok and terrible optimized and buggy and more

BongSmack27d ago

You mean you thought it looked pretty ancient? Skyrim was the first game to use Creation Engine.

Jman227d ago

Creation engine is a patched gamebyro so it's virtually the same as Oblivion. They need to ground up rebuild it.

BrettAwesome27d ago

Weeeelcome to flat texture paradise

Eldyraen27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

If you look at modded skyrim, if they add things like Parallax, then flat textures aren’t a big deal anymore which is why I’m not as worried as some.

Skyrim after all is a 7 year old game but when fully utilized and modded it can be gorgeous. If they actually tweak the Creation engine as much as Boris and some others have (ENB creator) then it could be the same Engine but so much more than F76 is. They just need to give it as much love and attention as modders do, which sadly isn’t Bethesda’s strong suit since they make the games basically run on every potato out there.

They just need to forget about those potatoes finally and make the game with a new entry point.

KoroSenpai27d ago

Guess they are going to rely on modders to pick up their slack.

Nacho_Z27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

You have got to be kidding.

"It allows us to create worlds really fast and the modders know it really well," says Bethesda's Todd Howard for Gamestar. "That lets us be efficient and we think it works best."

Yeah because feck progress and changing technology as long as it's easy to mod for and it allows them to create worlds "really fast".

It'd be fine if the engine worked well but it was an embarrassment ten years ago. I'm genuinely pissed about this.

Gahl1k27d ago

Well, he is right, though, about the easy modding part, and PC gamers have no problem with this. "Amateur" modders will do ten times the work bethesda is doing, and improve their games dramatically. They were the only reason I could stomach playing Skyrim.

Nacho_Z27d ago

It's not good enough to produce a sub standard game and say "it's ok, modders will sort it out". I for one will quite likely not play with any mods.

They need to upgrade their engine and modders will just have to keep up.

Akarogg 27d ago

"stomach playing Skyrim"

Aren't you a special snowflake. Tens of millions of gamers have no issue with it though

UltraNova27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Easy and fast? So they take almost a decade to make a new ES game and when they do its already dated looking and crippled with bugs? Yeah Bethesda, easy and fast.

Nacho_Z27d ago

Load of rubbish isn't it.

TedCruzsTaint27d ago

Just because modders now know your janky little engine, being you never card to change it over almost 20 years, is no excuse not to improve, and offer more through your own, base experience.

Bethesda have become complacent; enjoying putting out what is, essentially, framework for modders.

iofhua27d ago

I'm glad they're doing their own thing and not constantly switching to the newest engine.

They know their engine, and they are going to produce a quality product.

This also means the game costs less to make. They aren't paying licensing for a new engine with every game.

Nacho_Z27d ago

Come off it, there's a bit of a difference between not changing your engine for every game and not changing it since 2002.

I'm sure it is cheaper for them. Good for them. Not good for the consumer.

Goldby27d ago

they didn't pay for testers for 76, and are expecting the modders to fix the next two games....

cheap basterds

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