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Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: Earlier this year, Bethesda made the bold decision to announce a brand new Fallout game ahead of their E3 2018 press conference. Having never been the biggest fan of the series, I decided to keep my expectations for Fallout 76 relatively low but remained intrigued by what they could potentially accomplish with this online multiplayer prequel.

After finally spending some time in the B.E.T.A. on the Xbox One X, I can now confirm that my interest has peaked and I’m completely sold on what the final product has to offer. Below is a quick overview of my entire experience along with some more info on what players can expect from this title when it hits stores later this week.

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rbailey1287d ago

Although my time with the BETA on Xbox One was short, I definitely saw more than enough to convince me that the final product will be worth picking up later this week. Let's hope that Bethesda doesn't have any server issues during launch week as that surely will impact the overall gameplay experience if they do.

UltraNova1287d ago

Look I went in and started to read your piece determined to give this game a chance via the words of someone who actually shows a shred of excitement for it (strange? Not really, read around)... I read the first couple paragraphs carefully then this "Once I finally left Vault 76, I was floored by just how visually stunning and massive the world was around me. "

Look I don't expect anyone to share my taste and to be frank I'm no graphics whore but you lost me right there. This is one of the top devs out there who not only has the audacity to risk their biggest IP (from strictly SP to full Online) but stil makes games that would be considered average looking back in 2013. Not only that but the bugs...those crippling bugs!

I think its high time Bethesda got called out for their repeating shortcomings and articles like this dont help at all.

My 2 cents.

PapaBop1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Saved me a click. Fallout 76 is by far the worst looking AAA game I've seen in recent years. Worse still, the last I heard, the game has some serious performance issues, even on high end PCs.

Armaggedon1287d ago

Some peoples eyes do not adapt as quickly after seeing games with superior visuals. I remember when people were saying how badly fallout 4 looked, and all I can think was "Ultra setting pc players."

Alexious1287d ago

Too many people approach this game with a heavy prejudice. It's not perfect, far from it, but as far as online RPGs go, there isn't anything like this at all. It might even pull some disgruntled MMORPG fans into it.

KukwesGaming1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

As you can seen that prejudice is so high that people just downvote you for enjoying the game. These people d idnt even try the game or give it more than 20 minutes and said nope. It's far more of a Fallout game than people understand..Just because it currently doesnt have human npcs doesnt mean it doesnt have npcs. I would bet that human npcs are on the way in the future once the humans from the vault settle in.

xenz1287d ago

I would argue that games like Destiny and World of Warcraft has better RPG systems and quests than F76. Just my opinion after playing the beta.

1286d ago
-Foxtrot1287d ago

Looks barren, buggy, generic and has removed the majority of the things which made Fallout a Fallout game

KukwesGaming1287d ago

It's actually the most dense Fallout world created. Plus it is far more of a Fallout game than people understand. I guess people will continue to hate on it and not even try it.

-Foxtrot1287d ago

It's called a Beta bud...people have tried it

TheOpenWorlder1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Most dense? There's no NPCs. Are you mental?

FullmetalRoyale1287d ago

I’ll buy this when it is dirt cheap, many months from now. As much as it’s not what I want from Fallout, after they’ve patched it, added things, and it’s cheaper it might be a decent coop game to play with my friend.

Smitty20201287d ago

Agree with you now worth the price tag, same old engine but I’ll pick it up when it’s cheap, too many games to go through yet

FullmetalRoyale1287d ago

Exactly. I love a good coop game, but we aren’t starved for games at the moment.

TheSaint1286d ago

This is how I feel too, I love Fallout as well. One of my favorite game series.

r3f1cul1287d ago

at first it seemed like just more fallout and i loved it, then the stash size crippled the game and made it into a very boring, horribly optimized open world shooting game :/ giant disappointment as both a fallout fan and someone who lives in WV personally ... its crazy how something as simple as being forced to ignore loot pretty much ruins the entire game for me :/

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