Red Dead Redemption 2's high input lag may explain why it feels sluggish

Red Dead Redemption 2's controls and general responsiveness have often been criticised by players and critics, and the numbers agree.

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smolinsk32d ago

No way, all Rockstar games has this control scheme and a little clunkyness.

angelsx32d ago

I can’t believe they hasn’t release update yet.Fix the lag and blurry graphics on PS4 pro and fake HDR.

HeisenbergX32d ago

what blurry graphics on the Pro ? i'm playing on the pro it looks fantastic

LegendarySaiyan32d ago

HeisenbergX: Some say that they have blurry background or something while playing on PS4 PRO with SSAA enabled.

I play on PS4 PRO as well and have SSAA enabled, but I can't see any blurriness. Though I have my TV's sharpness setting set on 55/100 so that might be why, I don't know :)

rainslacker32d ago

Some displays don't handle their version of hdr very well. It's a problem with the meta data they used

salmonade32d ago

Not all people are having this 'burryness' on the Pro. I'm NOT and have never had it once.

The 'lag' is maybe there or maybe not. All I know is that it is so frustrating when you feed your horse, and you try to do it again and nothing happens, then you have to do it AGAIN and it finally happens. I don't know what the problem is, but it really bothers the sh*t out of me.

KukwesGaming32d ago

The blurry graphics are seen on large 4k screens. If you are playing on a 1080p tv or on a small 4k screen you will not notice it but it's extremely distracting when you do see it.

1nsomniac32d ago

Rockstar have already publically acknowledged there is a problem with the graphics on PS4 Pro. It has also been proven by Digital Foundry.

Rockstar have announced they are working on a fix.

mikeslemonade32d ago

Parity by PS Poor and Xbox 720p is the explanation for the high input lag.

supes_2432d ago

Lol, I’m playing on the OG PS4 and ther isn’t any blurry graphics. Lmao, good try tho. Someone throwing Bs out there without facts to back it up, all assumptions. Makes you look like an ass and it did

DrumBeat32d ago

There are far worse issues than that. Such as, the train disappearing from the game world. Characters disappearing from camp.

Entire interactive aspects of the camp like Arthur's shaving kit, the ledger, the contribution box, and even tent tarps disappeared in Chapter 3 of my game and didn't reappear until 4.

The silly image quality nonsense can wait. Not to say it isn't a problem, but it pales in comparison to the game's other issues.

RedDevils31d ago

maybe it down to having shit tv and not the PS4 pro or the game?

andibandit31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


"Lol, I’m playing on the OG PS4 and ther isn’t any blurry graphics. Lmao, good try tho. Someone throwing Bs out there without facts to back it up, all assumptions. Makes you look like an ass and it did"

the issue occurs specifically on PS4 Pro,
R* are working on it:

no BS.
Actual fact.
No assumptions.
only one person here looks like an ass.

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lelo2play32d ago

How can it be?
Most reviewers claimed the game is a perfect masterpiece... with all those 10's across the board.

FunAndGun32d ago

I have never seen a game scored so high, but need rules to 'play it properly'. Change these settings in the menu, take off auto aim, steer it like this, enter the button prompts like this, move like that. Eat and pet your horse after missions so it's less like a chore.
... it's a GOTY masterpiece if you play it like that, and if you still don't enjoy it then you are not playing it slow enough and taking in all the details.

thepluggy32d ago

except Digital Foundry who actually said it was a botched job on the ps4 pro.

Flewid63832d ago

So you admit it's there, but say no way? lol. I'm so confused.

smolinsk31d ago

No way to it being input lag, just clunky controls, the way all Rockstar games are

n1kki632d ago

A little clunkyness?!?!?!?! The game controls like trash and is super unresponsive. GTA V feels like the greatest controlling game of all time in comparison.

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moomoo31932d ago (Edited 32d ago )

11ms response time is still very, very fast.
Thats good enough to play an online fps, and most TVs are not giving you better than 15ms response time anyway unless u specifically get a low input-lag tv or monitor.

Also, turning off deadzone and aim acceleration in the settings can help with precision.

moomoo31932d ago (Edited 32d ago )

What response time do you think the 20million+ cod players are working with every year?? Most normal tvs are 20ms or more and they seem to do just fine, doesnt seem awful to all these people. Maybe if your doing keyboard/mouse on a 2ms monitor.

D3TH_D33LR32d ago

Good thing it’s not really a first person shooter then and just an option

RememberThe35732d ago

The input lag is for movement not aiming. They didn't even test aiming in the video. Maybe actually click on the source when the article sucks.

Flewid63832d ago

Only if you cant git gud.

Vhampir31d ago

No it's not, 1 FRAME @60 fps is 16ms. So inRDR2 it's impossible to have anything faster than 32ms. The author either doesn't understand what they themselves have read or it's an error. RDR2 has 11 FRAMES of input lag, and it runs at 30 FRAMES per second. So it's around 350ms of input lag, not 11ms.

I don't think ANY ps4 game is under 4 frames of input lag either.

DerekTweed31d ago

11ms is a frequency of 90Hz, it means that at 60FPS (60Hz or 16ms) you won't even notice the delay because the frames don't even change that fast.

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moomoo31932d ago

considering this game isnt on PC, and most TVs struggle to get under 20ms response time, this number will not make a shit bit of difference to most of you

frostypants32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Ssshhh. Need to let the technology muggles dust off the pitchforks from time to time.

-T9X-69-32d ago

As primararly a PC gamer, I use a monitor for my PS4 and the first thing I do (even on consoles) before I play a game is go straight into the settings and adjust things to my liking. I'm not understanding the "sluggish" control issues people are having unless they're using the default. I've completely the game (currently at 88.9%) and the only real issue I've ran into is certain prompts not popping up. Using R1 to cycle through 5 prompts due to stacked bodies or tons of items never bothered me, but standing next to a bed and only the prompt to open the nightstand pops up, is rather annoying. But shooting, moving, running etc I have no issues with. It could be because I've been playing video games since the early 90s, but even if I take a break from any of Rockstars titles and go back months or years later and play them, I never have an issue with the controls.

dennigo31d ago

you have no idea how response time works do you? the input lag adds to the already present response time of your monitor

RabbitFly32d ago

Well I don't think this testing is very accurate to begin with. One would have to account for the baseline lag of the monitor itself.

But as Destiny 2 tested at 1ms one can assume that the 10ms increase of Red Dead Redemption would have to be added on top of the input lag of your monitor.

So most big screen TVs have a hard time getting below 20ms and if you add 10ms to that, we are starting to get into dangerous territory.

Now I am not saying this is a deal breaker, and I am not one of those hating on the game for it's less responsive controls. Most of that comes from design desicions and is a viable way to make your game/controls.

However 30-50ms is where people will start to notice the lag to a high degree. Unless of course they are accostumed to high input lag from before. I. e. People that play on 40-60ms tvs might not notice it as much. Some types of games are also much more sensitive to input lag. FPS is more sensitive than TPS f. ex. And over that one will find music and rythm games. These are, arguably, unplayable on even 30ms input lag.

moomoo31932d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Ah ok so this recorded input lag would be added on to your tv's number? that would be a problem since a lot of people game on regular TVs with bad input lag already. Im saying my 4k tv is 14ms input lag and i couldnt find any lower, so that 11ms number seemed negligable

TedCruzsTaint32d ago

Fake news.

I'd hate playing a shooter at that latency. Just saying.

I_am_Batman32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Except that the game doesn't have 11ms of input lag to begin with. 1ms is 1/1000 second. That's not what the number on the display is showing. It's a frame counter meaning that it's not 11 ms but 11 frames which adds up to around 363ms of input lag @ 30fps.An average of 11ms is technically impossible to achieve under 90fps and even then it would need to have a lag of 1 frame. Even the most responsive games on console have around 66ms of lag (~4 frames @60fps).

11 frames @ 30fps is actually really bad though but it doesn't say much without knowing the display-lag of the monitor.

moomoo31932d ago (Edited 32d ago )

But in the article it says milliseconds and in the video it appears to be counting ms as well, tho he doesnt specify. Honestly not sure if its frames but i dont think so.

I_am_Batman32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Well the article writer doesn't know what he is talking about. It's 100% frames not ms. Even if you know nothing about input lag it's easy to see.

Look at the video parts that aren't slowed down. If it were ms (meaning milliseconds aka a thousandth of a second) it would count 1000ms per second which it obviously doesn't even come close to. Then watch the slowed down parts it counts 1 per new frame meaning it counts the frames.

If it were 11ms it would easily be the lowest input lag a game has had on consoles this generation (probably even the lowest a console game has ever had). Like I said the most responsive games have just under 4 frames @60fps meaning ~66ms. In other words if it was anywhere near 11ms this article wouldn't exist.

So yeah it is 11 frames for a 30fps game which is extremely high. I have to say though that measuring the input lag with the analog stick is a bad idea because you don't take potential deadzones into account. If the deadzones are relatively large it might be that the game "only" has 10 or 9 frames of lag because it takes the player 1-2 frames to move the stick out of the deadzone. 9 frames would still be very bad but testing the input lag with a button connected to an LED would've resulted in a much more accurate measurement.

Imortus_san32d ago

Its 11 frames of input lag and not 11 ms.
The game runs at 30fr per second, so one frame is 33ms, 11 frames of input lag are 11x33 = 363ms of input lag, that's way worse then the Tomb Raider got at launch (200ms).

Just see the video after 1m50s, it's there stating 11 frames of delay not 11 ms.

authentic31d ago

It's 11 frames...not 11ms. Since the game runs at 30fps, one frame is 33.3ms. The input lag would be 33.3x11, which is 366.3ms. Atrocious. Quit giving out info if you don't know what you're talking about. My two cents, chief.

moomoo31931d ago

Would assume your talking to the author and creator of the video, who both presented it as milliseconds, "chief"

DarkKaine31d ago

You're on n4g. Of course everyone here has a low latency monitor. Also 11ms isn't great at all. I wouldn't be able to play smash bros melee with those amounts of lag. What you're seeing here is the result of either post processing or a way too low polling rate. Good responsive controls are the core of any solid action game. Bringing a wavebird to a smash tourney is a surefire way to raise some eyebrows.
It's funny how we get more and more delay over the years. Maybe they are preparing us for what we're supposed to expect when everything eventually runs from the cloud lol

moomoo31931d ago

Its mostly new TVs and their post-processing effects that cause major input lag, thats why people still have smash tourneys on CRTVs lol

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Kabaneri32d ago

I got killed by a random cougar like 10 times just because I couldnt draw and shoot quick enough.

rdgneoz332d ago

Easiest way to deal with cougars (or panthers) is just run around on your horse. You'll see the red dot on your mini map from a good distance away (I've gotten mauled on foot without ever seeing a dot, but on horse they get spotted right away and marked). Either Dead Eye and tag it's head with a rifle while on your horse or if you get kicked off, immediately dead eye as you're standing and tag it's head. Cougars never attack you on your horse and will just stalk around you till you fall off and stand up, at which point they'll go and try to attack (though you still have a few seconds to dead eye a headshot). Hardest part I've had with cougars is finding a 3 star, everything I find is 1 or 2 stars (last thing I need for the last satchel)...

KukwesGaming32d ago

you can dead eye with out weapon drawing and this is the best way to do it.

RememberThe35732d ago

This is an article for haters damn it! Get the hell out!

TeamIcoFan32d ago

I love how the rockstar fanboys are giving them a free pass for something they'd shred other games to pieces for.

AspiringProGenji32d ago

Supposedly Uncharted has bad aiming mechanics but Rockstar games? Nah they’re fine. Pfff

TeamIcoFan32d ago

I wonder what GTAV's response time is?
If it's half that of RDR2 then there is no excuse, Rockstar needs to fix this.

SierraGuy32d ago

Controls are fun·da·men·tal

"forming a necessary base or core; of central importance".

How can something be considered goty when the fundamental base or core building blocks have been compromised?

shaggy230332d ago

Like someone else has mentioned, what is the input lag on GTA5?

If it's similar then the R☆ fans are right in giving a free pass. If it's much lower then ye, R☆ need to patch this ASAFP.

D3TH_D33LR32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Feels gr8 m8.

Git Gud

Laughable some of you “gamers” can’t even open an options menu to fix some of these “problems” you have with the controls.

InTheZoneAC32d ago

exactly. It's like this in most game, people simply don't know what an options menu is. When I was a kid I would find myself always going to the settings first to adjust to my liking, now idgits need the game to do everything for them without an extra thought process.

D3TH_D33LR32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Right? It’s hilariously sad that people are getting upset about default settings and game movement that puts physics before anything else. I find it’s a mark of quality you don’t find in other games. It’s the trademark rockstar feel. Every input has a consequence, each step is in itself is a calculated movement. It’s as clunky as you are bad at the game controls. Over time you get better. Anyone remember how rough Max Payne 3 was the first time people started that game? By a few levels in and I was pulling off ballet like gun battles though.

Skankinruby32d ago

I am no rockstar fanboy, not even a little bit. I've always found their games to be insanely overrated pretentious bullshit(Oh my GOD GTA 5). But RDR2 is fantastic, after all these years they finally learned how to write a damn script that doesn't make me cringe.

Flewid63832d ago

Bully and RDR2 are the only Rockstar games I ever liked.

Didnt even like the first RDR and I tried it like, 3 times lol

InTheZoneAC32d ago

GTA Vice City, San Andreas, 4, and 5 all had great campaigns

Realms32d ago

The same reason Bethesda can't be bordered to upgrade their god damn engine, people making excuses is the reason for Fallout 4 feeling like a last gen game as does RDR2. All I know is that RDR2 is clunky as hell no way around it even tweaking the settings won't do all that much other than slightly improve things here and there. The game is good but damn there are even some nasty game breaking bugs that cut chunks of the game out. They need to patch this game up ASAP but won't because they are to busy counting how much money they will make with RDR2 online which is obviously their priority right now instead of patching the game for a better experience.

-T9X-69-32d ago

The controls are subjective, but don't lie and spread misinformation. There is not "nasty game breaking bugs that cut chunks of the game out". There's a SINGLE bug that causes multiple NPCs to not appear in camp between Chapter 2 and 4. As in roaming around, missions for them are still all there. The "cut chunks of the game" is literally optional dialog between speaking to those characters at your camp. Nothing more, nothing less.

Realms32d ago

My point is that there are issues that haven't been addressed and yet Rockstar is to busy with RDR2 online to fix these issues. I personally haven't had the bug that was found but there are likely more given how massive the game is so no I'm not lying, it's not just missing NPC's some people never get the tutorial for fishing that cut's that content out and there more bugs that set your horse on fire. The game does have issues even if you think they are no big deal.

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