Hands On With The Adorable But Very Normal PlayStation Classic (TSA)

TSA writes: "The strangest thing about the PlayStation Classic is trying to figure out the controls for games from the mid-90s. Will Ridge Racer use the shoulder buttons to accelerate? Why does the GTA guy move like a tank? And how on Earth am I meant to shoot the bad guys in Syphon Filter?"

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Sgt_Slaughter32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I really hope this is outsourced to a third party company, because if Sony made this themselves, it's sad. This is not the quality product you would expect from a PlayStation product.

- Everything from the menu to the games runs at 720p, not 1080p
- Not using their own emulator that's been used since the PS3
- Boring, bland home interface with no video options like CRT filters, and mix-match fonts with errors
- Some games run sub-60fps, worse than they did on the PS1 back in the 90s. Some games are PAL versions, which might explain why, or they didn't optimize them correctly (PAL games run at 50hz/sub 60fps)
- There's a moment in MGS that you need to look at the case to proceed in the game, and the entire front and back box art isn't included. Every cover art for every game should be included in high-res PDFs in the options or a 3D case when selecting the game.
- The games list isn't the best, missing historic titles or the better versions (Twisted Metal 2 is an often mentioned example that should have been included instead of 1). Also limited by lack of DualShocks included.
- No other USB controller will work with the system, so no PS3 or PS4 controller support (not a huge deal, but they used USB but restricted it). This could have been the way you could use a rumble-supported controller, but sadly no.

All in all, it's just a disappointment and many comments on various previews on YouTube say that they're going to cancel preorders due to the lack of polish in many departments. You can get a better playing experience using an original system, PS3, PS Vita/TV, or an external device like a phone. This shouldn't be $100.

I might support Nintendo more than the other two, but I love my PlayStation systems and I wanted this to succeed. There's just too much wrong to warrant a purchase of this.

rainslacker31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

There's better value, and more options available if you go other routes to play retro games. Mini/Classic systems like this were never really meant to be anything more than nostalgia based pandering.

PSTV, or even a fullBC PS3 is probably a better deal if the games themselves are of actual importance to someone.

have to pay for the games separate, assuming you wish to keep it legal, but so much more variety and options to what you can do with it.